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Hydrapak SoftFlask Gear Review

Hydrapak SoftFlask

If you ever took a look inside the cabinet above my stove, the first thing you would say would be, “this guy does not need any more water bottles.” And if you said that, I would probably agree, or at least seem like I was agreeing with you. My wife on the other hand would totally agree and tells me all the time that if I bring another bottle home, I need to get rid of one. The truth is I am always looking for that next bottle that will be a game changer.

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Mountainsmith Apex 80 gear review

Mountainsmith Apex 80

I am an amatuer backpacker with experience roaming around in the Wind Rivers, Zion National Park, Yosemite, and other great sites in the western United States.  My latest adventure has been working for a wilderness therapy program in southern Utah.  Its a great job, but puts a lot of wear and tear on the body, the mind, and especially gear.  

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Father's Day 2014 Gift Guide

Mountain Hardwear Super Chockstone Jacket

Father's Day is a great time to remember those dads that helped us learn to love the outdoors. I can remember from an early age being up in the mountains hiking or in the winter in the backcountry on snowmobiles. I know that my dad loved the outdoors and was always trying to help us learn to love them as well. This guide has a few products that would make any dad a happy man.

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Biologic FixKit Multi-tool gear review

BioLogic FixKit Multi-tool

Whether commuting to work or out for a leisure ride with the kids, having the right bike tool can make all the difference in a pinch. There are a lot of great options available but many are either too big or shy on features. The BioLogic FixKit multi-tool is compact, lightweight and full of features making it a great choice for anyone looking for multi-tool to have on hand. 

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Spring 2014 Backpacking Gear Guide

Sierra Designs Lightning 2

Backpacking is a great way to get out in the wilderness and get away from cell phone coverage. This guide is full of backpacking gear that will work for both men and women. We have tried to include a few different options for packs, tents and sleeping bags. All in all we have found 18 great products that will help you get out of the house and onto a nearby trail to find some solitude and peace. Happy backpacking!

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Spring 2014 Running Gear Guide

New Balance 1080v4

Spring is a great time to get outside before the weather gets too hot and running is a great activity to prepare yourself for this summer's adventures. Running can be hard on the body but having the right gear will make all the difference. Most of the gear in this guide I have personally tried and love. So find that new pair of shoes or shorts and lace up and kick outside and run.  

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