New Products From the OR Show

First up is the Kilo by Easton Mountain Products. The Kilo is a tent and is the newest addition to Easton's line of high-performance shelters. Weighing less that one kilogram, the Kilo packs the most advanced materials and technologies into an ultra-light freestanding tent. It packs down small and it is amazing at how light this tent really is.

Trekking Poles“The Kilo incorporates all the latest and greatest technologies from Easton,” says Marketing Coordinator Rich Packer. “With the carbon ION poles and AirLock pole connectors, the Kilo is unlike any tent you’ve ever seen before.”

On of the reason this tent is so light is because of the tent poles. The poles feature the patent-pending AirLock connector system, and are carbon fiber. These two feature make the carbon tent poles stronger & 56-percent lighter than traditional aluminum poles with shock cords.

•    New Carbon ION pole with patent-pending AirLock connectors
•    Lightweight at only 910 grams
•    Nylon ripstop material
•    Two-person capacity

Easton also unveiled a couple new trekking poles. The CTR-80 Carbon Fiber and ATR-80 Aluminum, weighing in at 1.44lbs and 1.46bls respectively, are the ultimate lightweight performance trekking poles. Both models feature durable construction with three-tier adjustability and Easton Mountain Product’s new Vi-Brake vibration dampening grip.

The Vi-Brake grip with anti-vibration technology was designed from the ground up to reduce shock energy transferred to hikers' hands. The key to Vi-Brake is the 360-degree all-axis dampening gel held within an ergonomic molded grip to isolate the grip from shock and pole vibration. This is unlike other models on the market that only have single-axis linear spring shocks that move in one direction. Vi-Brake vibration dampening grip is designed to increase comfort for longer trekking.  The poles also feature the Rock-Lock clamps to secure pole sections with confidence.

The CTR-80 and the ATR-80 weigh less than a pound and-a-half, and are designed to improve hikers' experiences,” says Easton Marketing Coordinator Rich Packer. “With the Vi-Brake, Easton Mountain Products is offering the most comfortable and innovative trekking pole on the market.”

One of the most unique piece of gear that I saw at the show this year come from Klymit. It was the Inertia X Frame sleeping pad. Designed to minimize weight and maximize packability, the Inertia X Frame uses twice the pressure of a standard ground pad and is 70 percent smaller than the current industry leaders when deflated.

With the Klymit Inertia X Frame, we were able to create a comfortable camping pad that uses up minimal space,” says Klymit CEO Nate Alder. “It’s total comfort that packs down to the size of a soda can.”

Using body mapping technology, the this pad provides support only where you need it. Loft pockets reduce the compaction of sleeping bag insulation, eliminating heat loss and effectively capturing convective body head within the dead air space. Compatible with Klymit’s ground-breaking NobleTek insulation technology, the Inertia X Frame can be inflated with noble gases, for additional insulation.

With the ability to pack down to the size of a soda can, the Klymit Inertia X Frame weighs only 10.6 ounces when accompanied by its hand pump. When inflated, the Klymit Inertia X Frame’s length is 72 inches, width is 18 inches and height is 1.5 inches. The Klymit Inertia X Frame will retail for approximately $99.95.

The last product in this article is the Suunto M-Series Training Watches. The M-Series are userfriendly training watches and heart rate monitors designed for individuals looking for personalized guidance in their workouts. The cool thing about M-Series is that it provides gym-goers individual support in setting and achieving goals. The easy-to-use system works to measure heart rate data – making training recommendations based on target fitness and weight-loss goals.

“We’re pleased to offer a range of stylish training watches designed specifically for those looking for guidance,” says Nora Stowell, Vice President and Business Director of Suunto North America. “The M-series is a truly personalized system to help our users meet their workout goals.”Suunto M5 Watch

The M-Series is collection of 3 watches. First, the M2 provides essential features for customized guidance. Users are able to get realtime feedback on their progress. The M2 ensures that the user is working out in the ideal zone for burning calories. The M2 comes with Suunto Dual Comfort Belt and is compatible with Suunto Fitness Solution.

The M4 guides the user through a seven-day training program with unique goal-setting ability and feedback. Taking the user’s individual goals into consideration, the M4 training program is designed to improve aerobic condition. The M4 comes with a Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, is compatible with Suunto Fitness Solution and exercise date can upload into

The M5 provides the most complete multi-sport fitness and recovery partner. The M5 shows when the user has fully recovered from the previous workout and can safely complete the next high-impact workout. The M5 comes equipped with a Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, is compatible with Suunto Fitness Solution, track speed and distance with optional PODS, upload exercise data onto and can download custom workouts from

Another cool feature about the M4 and M5 is that as you set goals, the watch helps you achieve those goals. If you fall short one day, the watch will recalculate and reshape your fitness plan so you can still acheive your end goal.

M2 - MSRP $129
M4 - MSRP $169
M5 - MSRP $209

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