Sanuk Captures Monkeyman Daniel Woods in Daring Jungle Expedition

When asked to comment, Woods proclaimed, “Oo-ee-oo-aa ting-tang wala-wala-bing-bang. Which roughly translates to, “”Sanuk brings honor to my tribe. We smile now.” “Daniel is one heck of climber. His feet work hard and we’re stoked to cover them in comfort”” Sanuk founder, Jeff Kelley added. Woods has an impressive resume that would put any primates’ skills to shame. He recently took home the Gold Medal at the third world cup of the 2010 series, held locally in Vail, CO. Woods is also the first American to win a men’s Bouldering World Cup competition. Monkeying around may not be such a bad thing after all. Woods will join legendary ledge hoppers, Chris Sharma and Randy Leavitt on the summit to the top of the outdoor sports world. Climbing has undoubtedly become the X-Games sport of the outdoors and Sanuk is spearheading the growth of this sport by building the world’s best team of climbing athletes, sponsoring events and advertising in the prominent About Us: Founded by Southern California native Jeff Kelley, Sanuk provides creatively inspired yet distinctively designed footwear products for the global outdoor community. Taking its name from the Thai word for fun, Sanuk strives to make innovative products that are as much about funk as they are about function. Sanuk’s Sidewalk Surfers are known as “Not-A-Shoe” for their comfort and patented sandal construction. Sanuk continues to bring the party with a broad spectrum of premier superheroes, including mustachioed man-o-mischief Donavon Frankenreiter and spider-man Chris Sharma. Sanuk products are now smiling in over 50 countries worldwide. Learn more at

As part of the announcement we are doing a Sanuk News show dedicated to climbing this Friday (airing at 10:30ish on our Facebook page). Check out teaser here:

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