Columbia Launches GPS PAL Mobile App

Columbia created GPS PAL, short for GPS Portable Activity Log, to give people a means to quickly and easily capture, explore, and share their outdoor experiences. The free app syncs photos, videos, and trail information to a web journal automatically, so that it can be saved, shared, and organized.  In addition to capturing notes, GPS PAL can keep track of elevation changes, current speed, and distance traveled.  When people look back on their journal entries, they’re reminded of their outdoor experiences and can offer them up to others planning their own adventures.   GPS PAL does more than capture data; it helps people create an outdoor story.

columbia_gpspalshareOne of the nice things about GPS PAL is that as you are recording or capturing a trail, the App with sync any video or photos you take along the way. This makes it easy to share the location and time that this event happened. So GPS tagging lets you create memories at each location of your adventure with video, photo and written journaling. GPS tracking lets you create your own trail at the touch of a button – tracking route, distance, time, pace and elevation. Easily create a mapped-out history filled with tags and trip data. After you are done for the day, tell your outdoor stories. Quickly capture and create media, rate and describe events and organize your trips. Then, send and share your adventures via email and social networks.

The app can be downloaded via the following links:

·         iPhone:

·         Android:

GPS PAL was built by Columbia and its design partner ISITE Design.  To learn more, please go