Facebook Fan Referral Contest

1. Click "Suggest to Friends" (listed below the Open Air Life fan page picture).
2. Choose all of your friends who would be interested in becoming a Fan.
3. Send the invitation with a message directing them to our Friend Referral Contest details located on our Discussion Board. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=14922&uid=428125960143
4. Have your friend post your name on the Open Air Life Wall (For example, “Mary Jones referred me”).

The top 3 Open Air Life fans who have the most fan referrals will receive:

1st place: Stanley Combination bowl and mug
2nd Place: Orikaso Solo Set
3rd Place: GSI fairshare mug

We will keep track of the fan referrals, and continue to post updates as to which fans are in the lead. Thank you so much for your support of Open Air Life! Remember, this contest will end June 30, 2010, so don’t waste any time!!