Wasatch Canyons Today Symposium

The symposium is free and open to the public. See the invitation.

Wasatch Canyons Today starts the conversation and will engage stakeholders, including, canyon residents, the tourism industry, transportation interests, political stakeholders, law enforcement/public safety, and any other interested parties. We will focus on practical, every day issues from Emigration Canyon to Rose and Butterfield Canyons.

The name of the symposium is an intentional play on words, working from the success of "Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow". Now we are deliberately drawing attention to pressures facing us today.


Foothill, Canyons, Overlay Zone (FCOZ)

There will be a panel discussion regarding FCOZ, Salt Lake County's zoning ordinance that regulates building and development in the canyons and foothills. The panel discussion will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the existing ordinance and serve as a springboard to begin a public dialogue on how to improve the ordinance.

See FAQs that address recent questions surrounding FCOZ.


Salt Lake County and Fehr & Peers will lead this breakout session. Salt Lake County, along with its consultants and community partners have embarked on a series of transportation studies within Big Cottonwood Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon and Mill Creek Canyon.  These studies will consider systems that create a more environmentally and economically sustainable transportation system in the canyons and in the communities of Southeast Salt Lake County. All three studies are expected to be completed by fall 2012.


United States Forest Service (USFS) will lead a breakout session discussion.

Public Services

Salt Lake County will lead a breakout session that will look at day-to-day issues facing local government as we provide critical services to residents and visitors of our canyons and recreation areas. We will discuss how public services must be predictable, adaptable and responsive to the changing physical landscape while being sensitive to the human impact in our canyons and along our foothills.


Salt Lake City will lead a breakout session discussion.

Information found at http://www.pw.slco.org/html/Wasatch_Canyons_Toda.html