About Us

Open Air Life is a website that was built to bring the outdoor community together in one location on the web. There are so many places scattered on the web to find outdoor recreation data and information.  Our hope is that we can bring all this data and information to one centralized location where it will be easier to find, plan and explore any outdoor adventure.

The wiki guides are a resource for anyone that loves the outdoors. This is a user generated guidebook of sorts. Content and information can be added by anyone who would like to share their favorite trail or climb. Or give an update about closures or trail restrictions.

The community part of the site is designed to bring people together. This is a fun feature where you can add friends to your profile, upload photos, and network.

The forums are a place where questions can be asked and answers found. If you are looking for a new place to go hiking, ask for some suggestions. If you need some new gear but are lost on what to buy, ask what people liked and why. The forums can be a great resource in your outdoors lifestyle.

Gear Reviews: The Federal Trade Commission has mandated that product reviews contain a disclosure as to whether a product was given to the tester free of charge. OpenAirLife.com does recieve some product samples for free to test and review, but when we recieve this gear there is no promise that we will give a positive review.  If the gear is junk, we will say so. This policy ensures that all our reviews are fair. If you have any questions about the gear we review, please shoot an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.