Zion National Park Infographic

Zion Infographic

Today is Zion's birthday and in honor of its birthday we have put together this infographic. We hope the information on the graphic will encourage you to get out and enjoy all the beauties that Zion has to offer. 

Kilimanjaro 2013: Lewis Peak Part 2

Lewis Peak Overlook

Looking south along the trail, the day couldn’t be more spectacular for hiking. Blue sky, temperature perfect, the grass and flowers still green from the spring, all was perfect for the trip. There were also just enough hikers up on this portion of the trail to enjoy the greeting and share the beauty of the day without being so many that one felt intruded on. The intermittent sighting of these folks also gave a sense of perspective and distance, as you could pick movement out on the far skylines and hills.

Date ideas for the outdoorsy couple

Couple hiking

Is dinner and a movie not your ideal Valentine’s Day? Try something fun and different this year with an outdoorsy twist on your date night! Here’s a list of fun date ideas for the couple that loves to spend time both outside and with each other:

Kilimanjaro 2013: Lewis Peak Part 1

Lewis Peak overlook

Lengthening our distance from the first hike of five miles last week, Sam and I talked about hiking Ben Lomond, but decided we weren’t quite ready for 15 miles. We decided to make the hike to Lewis Peak instead, which from the North Ogden Divide and back is somewhere between 10 and 11 miles. I’m a bit unsure, as I didn’t take a GPS unit, and the trail marker signs seem to differ in opinion slightly.

National Trail Mix Day


 Today is National Trail Mix Day and what goes better with the outdoors than trail mix. Trail mixes are a high energy, tasty treat for the trail or snacks. When camping, hiking or biking, a handful of trail mix can provide you with an extra energy boost to keep from tiring out. Trail mix can be purchased at grocery stores or created in the home using a food dehydrator. Dehydrating snacks at home provides a healthier, more cost-effective way to consume and preserve trail mix snacks. 

Summer Hiking Series: Stairs Gulch Waterfall Hike

Stairs Gulch Waterfall Hike

This is a great little hike to a unique waterfall, about 1.5 miles round trip or more if you want to wander upstream further. To get there drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon until you get to the Storm Mountain Picnic area, park directly across the street in a little pull off. There is a large area to park a little further down the road if there is no more room at the pull off. The trail is on your right and is not marked. Just a few yards from the beginning of the trail there is a sign about finding explosives.