10 Tent Tips for Happy Camping

10 tips for setting up a tent

With Memorial Day this weekend and the camping season official starting, REI has put together an infographic to help you set up a tent. If you following these 10 "simple" steps you are guaranteed a better nights sleep. I am not saying that there will not be other things keeping you up at night, but your tent shouldn't be one of them. Each day this week we will be post something either about camping or for camping so check back often.

Camping, Hiking and Fishing Near Brooks Lake, WY

In the northwest part of Wyoming, near the Continental Divide, the area around Brooks Lake offers expansive views of the Wind River and Absaroka Ranges, decent camping near good fishing, and both high peaks and quiet woods for hiking and exploring.

Get Ready for Delicious Camping Meals

Campfire Cuisine Book Cover

It’s mid-May, and spring is in full swing here. With the warm, sunny weather we’ve been having, you can bet that I am gearing up for the camping season. Since my book, Campfire Cuisine, was just released in a new, revised edition, I’m even more inspired than usual to get out into the woods and do some amazing cooking au naturel (by which, of course, I mean “out in nature” not “naked,” although that could be fun, too!) There is nothing like eating an amazing gourmet meal out in the wilderness, and as I set out to prove in Campfire Cuisine, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

The Ojo Wildfire 2 Years Later

Nature lovers cringe at the idea of a wildfire. Others walk by in a single moment of astonishment and then forget that it ever happened. The lightning bolt who is responsible for thousands of acres of land being scorched is long gone. What remains of it all is wasteland. On November 21st, 2007 the Ojo fire broke loose in the Manzano Mountains, Southwest of Albuquerque, NM at 3:00 am. By midday Ojo had eaten through over 3000 acres of beautiful forest, forcing tens of thousands of wildlife inhabitants and no less than 100 families to flee the area. Within days it had engulfed 7000 acres of once luscious forest, including homes, farms, and ranches which forced locals to move their livestock to holding areas away from danger. Families were dropped from wealthy homeowners to poor shelter inhabitants in a single day.

Homemade Camp Stoves

I just received the newsletter from the Instructables website and one of the links was on survival stoves. It caught my eye. I checked it out and come across a bunch of different stoves from alcohol to charcoal. Here are a few of my favorites. If you would like to see all of the stoves they listed click here.

Lessons from the Desert: A Beginners Mistake

Camping in Goose Neck State Park, Utah was one of the greatest challenges I have faced in my outdoor experience so far. The climate was excruciating, the soil was soft and the insects and reptiles were plentiful. Alone with a close friend, a first-time camper, we attempted to pitch our tent in the soft soil, start an un-successful fire, and were continuously assaulted by an ever growing windstorm. Our first night turned into a long list of un-pleasant events including, setting up camp in the dark, being utterly and terrifyingly lost, and being bombarded by a tsunami of light seeking insects.