Blue Sky's Antelope Yurt

I don’t know about you but my wife and I are always looking for quick getaways that’s close to home. Being able to get out of the city and up in the mountains is always a plus for us. And most of the time to make this happen it means camping, which isn’t always a bad thing. But sometimes we are looking for more than camping but less than hotel room service. I found that the Antelope Yurt at the Blue Sky Ranch was a perfect option.

The yurt can sleep 5+ people easily and is accessible year round. In the summer you can drive to the yurt, but in the winter you will need to either snowshoe, ski, or have the staff give you a ride in their snowcat. It is full of all the necessary essentials to have a great time. It has a stove for cooking as well as a barbeque for grilling. It doesn’t have running water but there is an outhouse. There is plenty of wood and a wood burning stove to keep the yurt warm when the temperature gets cold. It does have electricity via solar panels, so you can charge your device if you cannot leave it for a day. But there is no television!

Also there are horseshoe pits and other games to keep yourself entertained if you just wanted to stay at the yurt and relax. Outside the yurt there is a huge fire pit, perfect for a campfire at night.

For those with a little more energy, the yurt is set in a great location overlooking much of the Blue Sky Ranch property. There is a trail that starts by the yurt that is a great hike, that is easy and family friendly. We took it the evening we stayed and it was amazing. While up there we came across deer and wild turkeys. There is also a small lake with kayaks if you love the water. (Note: This lake does dry up later in the year. But was still there when we stayed in the middle of July.)

That night while sleeping we were awakened by some scratching noises. At first I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep as I assumed it was a deer or some other creature just looking for food around the yurt. Finally, as I couldn’t go back to sleep I got my flashlight and shined it out the window. To my surprise it was a porcupine just scratching and chewing on the deck. After shining the light on it, it must have decided it had enough and it wandered away.

The Blue Sky Ranch and Adventures have tried hard to think of each detail to make anyone's stay a great experience. With friendly wranglers and great accommodations, the two days I was there were great. Because of its proximity to Salt Lake City, this makes for the perfect adventure for someone who loves the outdoors. From my experience, I would recommend staying at the yurt to anyone. To learn more about them and book a night at the yurt, check out their website.

Wood Burning Stove


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