Which Bicycle Lubricant is Best For Your Mountain Bike Chain?


With all the bicycle lubricants on the market today, are you having trouble deciding which type to use on your mountain bike chain? Should you buy a drip or aerosol? Should you use a wet, dry, or wax lube? The following are some suggestions for choosing the right type of bike lube for your bicycle chain.

Drip vs. Aerosol Bike Lube

Bicycle lubricants come in either a drip or aerosol application. I recommend the drip application because it is easier to get the lube directly on the necessary parts of the bicycle chain. The spray lube gets on other parts of the bicycle, which just collects more dust and grime while riding.

Basic Bicycle Gear Check List

Getting out on a bike can be a simple way to enjoy the outdoors. Cycling has increased in popularity over the past few years and more cities are putting in bike trails as well as bike lanes on the roads. We thought it might be helpful to list some of the basic essentials to have an enjoyable bike ride. The items on the list are only suggestions, depending on where you are going and what type of riding you will be doing, will depend on if items need to be added or substacted from the list. I have found it helpful to have a rack on the back of the bike that can carry either a trunk bag or panniers. This way I can carry most of the list in the bag or panniers and leave them in there for when I go riding. Hope this will help you enjoy your next ride or just get you out.

Mountain Bike Racing - Everything You Need to Know

Mountain bike racing is a rapidly growing sport. It is often thrown into the 'extreme sports' category, but shares little in common with such sports as skateboarding or trick biking. A mixture of ski slalom and intense trail riding, a good mountain bike race is exhilarating to watch but even more fun to ride.

When you think about mountain bike racing, if you have at all, you probably think it's just for crazy young people. The truth, however, is that people of all ages and abilities can partake, from children to grown men and women.

Before jumping in, however, it's a good idea to learn the basics. This article will cover everything you need to know, so you can hit that trail today!