The Most Popular GPS Running Watch

One of the great sports that are being supported by several people around the world to attain improvement in their overall health and stamina is running. Preparation should always be done if you are still a beginner in running. This could involve consulting your doctor first if it is a good idea for you to engage into such activities especially if you have a certain medical condition. A lot of beginners may not have an idea on where to start therefore it is always best to get yourself a program to guide you through it.

In general though, it is always best to start at a slower pace and gradually increase it as you become more and more comfortable with the routine. One of the things that most runners have to constantly monitor their performance, their heart rate, and their whereabouts is a GPS running watch.

A GPS running watch is equipped with the latest GPS technology that will allow you to monitor how far you are and what pace your are running at along with your global coordinates. The more advanced kinds of these watches have extra features such as heart rate monitor functions which will help you track your heart rate. Some of them also help you monitor the amount of calories you have burned in your running session.

There are a lot of GPS capable running watches available today. Some of them are becoming mainstream and can be ordered in larger stores, but you will usually find them in your specialized sports store or on the internet. Features in the most sophisticated GPS watches for runners would include heart rate monitor, speed and distance tracking data, data storage and computer integration, and interval training timer.

6GPS Running Watch #1: Casio Pathfinder

An example of a GPS running watch is the Casio Pathfinder which was released January 2009. It has got all the basic features and allows you to synchronize with a computer and help you tell your location and altitude. It is quite bulky though but provides good value for its price.

GPS Running Watch #2: Polar RS800

Polar has also contributed its own designs of GPS watches which are very trendy. Most of their GPS watches are built with sturdy materials that can withstand moisture and heat to protect the sensitive parts of the watches. Most of them are also capable of being taken underwater and are also equipped with heart monitor features, data recording and transfer to your computer, etc.

GPS Running Watch #3: Garmin Forerunner 405

The most popular among the GPS watches available in the market though is the Garmin Forerunner 405 which is an ideal training partner for both beginners and experienced runners. It is equipped with so many features which makes it very popular. Its training features include the recording of necessary data regarding your time, distance, location, calories burned, pace, heart rate, and more. Aside from this, users of these kinds of watches enjoy the convenience in transferring of data from the watches to computers and vice versa since it is equipped with the latest wireless technology.

On each of your running sessions, you can record every necessary data in the memory of the device and input it to your computer with its wireless capabilities and have your progress analyzed through the Garmin website or with the use of the Garmin's training center software.

Want to have a guide that provides immediate feedback during your run?
Want to work out more effectively?
Then you should use a GPS running watch such as the ones mentioned above so that you can track your progress more effectively.

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