Dogs, Are They Really Man's Bestfriend?


I think as runners we have all been running down the street, relaxed in the groove and all of a sudden out of nowhere, you have that four legged (they say man’s best friend) dog on your heels.  Man what a way to interrupted your rhythm and shoot your heart rate through the roof. Not that we don't run to get our heart rate up, I just perfer it to be me doing it to myself and not because I am running for my life. Here are some do and do not’s when running in them dog infested neighborhoods.


  • Stand your ground
  • Stay relaxed and try not to show the dog your fear
  • Talk to the dog.  Speak in a deep firm voice.
  • Tell him what you want and expect from him. Tell him to go home.
Do not’s
  • Don’t run, it will only trigger the dogs instinct. Chase its prey.
  • Don’t make direct eye contact.  The dog will fill threatened and might be more aggressive
And if none of that works then I hope that you’re a fast runner. Just kidding. Another trick it to try squirting him with your water bottle. I hope this help on your next encounter with a dog. Keep running and enjoy the paths less traveled.