Winter Activities

Volcom's upcoming Peanut Butter & Rail Jam event at Brighton Resort


The Volcom PBRJ (Peanut Butter & Rail Jam) event is coming to Brighton Resort on 3/21. This is a free, youth focused snowboarding event open to men and women of all ages - a really fun and interactive event for the boys and girls to show off their skills and compete in a fun environment. Volcom will be providing free food, drinks and giveaways for competitors and spectators.

Hypothermia in Spring?

Alpine climbing

It is now spring and with the warmer weather, hypothermia is the last issue on most people's minds. However, hypothermia is a life-threatening condition and is still prevalent in the spring when people go out unprepared. So how do you prevent and treat it?

Vail Resorts Acquires Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah

Park City Mountain Resort

Vail Resorts, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Park City Mountain Resort from Powdr Corp. for $182.5 million in cash. With the acquisition, all aspects of the previously litigation with respect to PCMR have been settled and this dispute will no longer pose any future threat to disrupt the operation of the resort.

Skiing Calorie Counter

Skiing Calorie Counter

When you go skiing, have you wondered how many calories you have burned on a given day? Well, the folks at REI have created a Skiing Calorie Counter. Although it might now be 100% accurate it is fun to check out what you could burn and what you might be able to eat because of it. And after you have played around with it, get out and enjoy yourself on the sloops.

How to introduce your kids to winter sports

Boy skiing

Winter is here and we’re already hearing the buzz for the Winter Olympic games next February. You might be asking yourself how to get your kids involved in the exciting world of winter sports. Unlike warm-weather sports that children are exposed to regularly in gym class, summer camp, or outdoor games, winter sports can feel more difficult to learn. 

Snowshoe Basics - Free Rotation or Natural Hinge?


So you’re thinking about buying some snowshoes and you don’t know what to look for……..let’s talk!

Jake Thamm, President and Co-founder of Crescent Moon Snowshoes talks about what to consider when buying a pair of shoes. He goes on saying, "Crescent Moon's main focus is the binding – we believe this is the most important part of any snowshoe, regardless of all other considerations, but we’ve already made the case,  so we won’t go there for this discussion."