Getting Started Snowshoeing (part 3)

The final part to this series will cover techniques. Snowshoeing as I said in the first article is really not all that hard to do. If you can walk you can start snowshoeing and feel comfortable doing it with just a few times out. I thought in this segment of the series, instead of just describing how to do certain techniques, here are some videos from youTube that REI produced about three techniques: Going downhill, going uphill, and Traversing. Also the last video is about winter safety tips. As i have previously stated, please learn about avalanche safety and awareness. Avalanche danger is real. Check you local avalanche center for current conditions in your area before heading into the backcountry. has links to some of the countries local avalanche centers, as well as have an avalanche safety online tutorial. Hope this series will encourage you to get out and enjoy what the winter weather can offer.