What to Expect From Your First Triathlon

Training for a triathlon is a great way to get in shape or maintain your motivation to stay in shape. There are 4 primary types of triathlons to choose from: the sprint triathlon, the Olympic triathlon, the half Ironman distance and the full Ironman distance. Due to trademark restrictions on the name Ironman you'll see many longer triathlons referred to as "iron distance".

For your first triathlon you should focus on the "sprint" distance. This is typically between 400-800 meters swimming in a pool or lake, 20 kilometers of bicycling and 5 kilometers of running. You will probably wonder how much training you should do for a first triathlon. It depends on your goals but at a minimum you should train for each sport 1 time per week. If your schedule permits training twice per week for each sport will help you feel more comfortable during the race and after the race. You should focus on working up to the distance of each leg in your training cycles. There are many free online resources for a sprint triathlon training plan.

Easy Guide to Beginners Triathlon

For those people who are not familiar with the world of triathlon competition, this particular kind of sport may be difficult for them. There is much to be learned, so much to be done, so much to buy, but do not allow that stop you from becoming part of this wonderful way of life.

If you do fall under the novice category, it is highly recommended that you begin with competing in a sprint distance triathlon for your first game. It usually consists swimming a length of .47 mile, a 12.four mile biking and running a 3.1 mile length. These distances are definitely attainable for a first time tri-athlete player, specially if you stick to a great training curriculum. But before you jump into training to contend in all the three sports, you need to work on your endurance by concentrating on just one sport. Start by preparing in just one sport for 4 days in a week, increasing the distance by 10% every week.