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Earth Day 2013 Infographics

Earth Day 2013 Infographics

So I thought to celebrate Earth Day this year we would post some of our favorite Earth Day inforgraphics. Hopefully these will help spread awareness of some of the earth's issues and what we can do to help fix them. So please help spread the message and let us all try to live a little "greener" this year.

Mother's Day Buyer's Gear Guide

Columbia Jacket

For Mother's Day this year, we thought we would showcase some of our favorite women specific gear.  Women specific gear is getting better and better.  Men are not the only ones with top end gear. We hope this buyers guide will make your Mother's Day shopping a little easier for the adventure seeking mom in your life. We thank our moms for all the support and encouragement they gave us to get out and play in the great outdoors.

The Long Ride

Lucian on his horse

We have arrived at a very important juncture as our human population continues past seven billion people our footprint is growing larger every day and if we continue to move forward as we are now, we will most certainly find ourselves at an environmental precipice.

Outdoor Retailer Winter Show Picks (part 1)

The Outdoor Retailer show has always delivered an abundance of new and exciting gear, this show was no different. Over the next few days I will be posting articles that contain some of our favorite picks from the Winter OR Show. Most of this gear is not out yet and will be coming out in Fall 2011. I will try to put the availability of each product so you can put it on your calendar. I will aslo be following up some of the products with full featured gear reviews of how each product preforms.

Youth camps in Europe - learning new skills on holiday

Youth Camp

This article looks at different options for holidays for young people and students wanting to experience a slightly different vacation programme. It looks at the options for skills and language based holidays, alongside youth and adult volunteering programmes.

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

Nature. It is the essence of the world. It belongs to the wind and water. It belongs to the trees and insects; and to the birds, reptiles and mammals. And it belongs to us. We have a duty to protect and respect the natural wonder of the outdoors, whether it’s 80 feet below the ocean or 14,000 feet on top of a mountain. Leave No Trace is a set of seven principles created over 40 years ago to help us remember what to do and how to prepare for a safe, rewarding, and environmentally friendly experience.