Youth camps in Europe - learning new skills on holiday

Youth Camp

This article looks at different options for holidays for young people and students wanting to experience a slightly different vacation programme. It looks at the options for skills and language based holidays, alongside youth and adult volunteering programmes.

Why youth camps with language tuition?
Many parents are keen that their children maximise their summer holidays and get as much as possible out of them. Alongside this desire, many young people themselves find that their locality doesn't offer as many holiday activities such as sports and arts, as they'd like. Summer camps in Europe are a great solution, as many are geared around language tuition to benefit exam revision and offer a great range of structured activities and entertainment to ensure a full and memorable holiday.

French language camps
One of the most popular types of youth camp programs are language based.
French language camps are increasingly well subscribed to and offer a real range of activities for young people to benefit from. The day tends to follow a structure and itinerary, with breakfast starting at around 8am and then being followed by a morning of French language tuition, usually given by local teachers to improve accents and escalate learning. This immersive approach to language tuition can have rapid benefits from motivated students and see them make great strides in their language abilities.

camp2After the morning's sessions, there are afternoon activities which tend to encompass a wide range of sports. Depending on the camp and its location, these might be a range of water sports such as scuba diving, water rafting, swimming, fishing and kayaking. On dry land, there will be tennis, archery, golf, trampolining, volleyball, summer sledging, Frisbee and football to enjoy. There will usually be educational and environmental trips to local sites of interest, adventure options such as mountain biking, horse riding, rope courses and paintball and other games such as treasure hunts, mini Olympics and nature trails.

Alongside these language camps, are a range of other educational trips and holidays designed specifically for young people and students. Often these are held in small or large groups and organised around particular themes such as sports, arts, drama or outdoor pursuits. They might also focus on a range of educational and curriculum based skills such as music, maths, science or other topics and the tutors will be on hand to offer advanced tuition and provide extra help for those that want it. The food is usually a particular attraction too, with great cooks on hand to provide plenty of nutritious and tasty food for the children, around their activities.

These camps are usually vastly enjoyable for the young people that go on them and they come back energised and enthused with new friends and great memories. These are well worth considering for summer holidays in particular and can work very well if parents are due to go on a trip that the children might not particularly enjoy. This way, everyone gets the holiday they dream of!

Diane Graves writes regularly on a range of holiday topics for various websites and blogs. A recent convert to
youth camp programs, Diane's two teenage children now attend a language camp in France, whilst their parents spend time in the locality, converting a summer house.