Mommy Must Haves - Go Crib

Go Crib

I was lucky to run onto this little gem at the show.   It was this company’s first OR Show and they got the pleasure of the upper-deck.  Not as much foot traffic, but for the avid gear hunter, I had to look everywhere.  My husband and Son found them and sent me up to check this out.  It is the “Go Crib” by Guava Family.

This new innovation is the best thing that has happened to travel cribs yet.  It weighs just 10 lbs and folds into a backpack that is actually transportable!  All the pieces you need are in the pack, the pump, the crib, the floor mat, everything!  I put it on my back and I could actually still carry my kid.  Just this feature alone sold me.

cribI am the proud owner of a pack-n-play.  A standard sized “portable” crib that has been on too many vacations.  Every time I haul it, I curse it for size (triple the length of the “Go Crib”), weight (25 lbs), and the pain of having to set it up.  It seems it’s laughing at me when I am trying to pull up the sides to lock.  It never seems to work smoothly.  I always hope the hotel, or my parents, or anywhere I go, will have one on hand so I can save the room and pack something much more exciting..

Problem Solved!  The “Go Crib.” Not only is it small, it’s really easy to use.  I was able to take down the crib at the show and it only took me a few minutes.  It seemed just as fast as the one I have, but I could pack it smaller, put it on my back, and go!

Other great features of this crib are the curved sidewalls for less “boo, boo’s.”  The Anti-puncture materials improve strength, stiffness, and prevent leaks.  (I don’t think even a three-year-old could pop this thing.)  It is also a very fun piece for your children to play with beyond the snoozing years.  The price is very worth it when you think of the versatility and the years of use you could get from this product.

Get your very own “Go Crib” by visiting their website at and click “buy now.”
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