Basic Bicycle Gear Check List

Getting out on a bike can be a simple way to enjoy the outdoors. Cycling has increased in popularity over the past few years and more cities are putting in bike trails as well as bike lanes on the roads. We thought it might be helpful to list some of the basic essentials to have an enjoyable bike ride. The items on the list are only suggestions, depending on where you are going and what type of riding you will be doing, will depend on if items need to be added or substacted from the list. I have found it helpful to have a rack on the back of the bike that can carry either a trunk bag or panniers. This way I can carry most of the list in the bag or panniers and leave them in there for when I go riding. Hope this will help you enjoy your next ride or just get you out.

___Bicycle (in safe working condition)


___Bike gloves

___Cycling Shorts (Optional)


___Water bottle with plenty of water (hydration pack; water bottle w/cage)

___First aid kit

___Food or snacks



___Patch kit (and/or spare tube/tubes)

___Trash bag or other disposable method for trash (Please Don’t Litter)

___Cell phone

___Reflective clothing (especially at night)

___Visibility markers on your bike

___Cash/credit card

___Map (if in unfamiliar area)

___Underseat (saddle) bag

___Handle bar bag with map case cover (optional)

___Floor pump (Nice to leave in the car)

___Camera (Optional)

___Bike lock (optional)

___Light (Optional for evening/night races)

___Rear pannier carrier and bags (optional)


Also before each ride it is always a good idea to check a few things over on your bike.

___Tire pressure and condition

___Brake check

___Chain tension

___Front and rear wheel quick releases tightened

___Lubrication check

___Proper function of your shifters

___Seat and handlebar height

___ Lighting if equipped


If there is anything else that you can think of let me know. Also you can update the list yourself on the wiki guides at