Dog Beach


What’s the fun of being a dog when every time you leave the house they have to have a leash attached? What’s the fun of being a dog owner when all you do is circle the same blocks over and over again? The growing trend of taking our furry friends to reserved spaces where they can run restraint free has become a staple in community planning.

Some cities support this trend more than others. There are ocean front towns that take the dog park to the next level. Traditionally, beach goers want to relax on a cool bed of sand or picnic in the afternoon sun. The last thing they expect is a shower of sand as Fido races through their camp, or stepping in a lump of soiled sand. But the patrons of Ocean Beach in San Diego, California expect exactly that. Known as Dog Beach to the locals, this secluded section of sand is free roam for four legged beasts. Patrons unload at this popular surf spot to exercise their pets. Stocked with disposable poop bags and an armada of trash cans, dogs can sniff to their hearts content or launch headlong into the break. As sand and surf lovers, owners can walk the beach and enjoy something other than the same block, day in and day out. Friendly to pooches in general, San Diego is a great place to exercise both yourself and man’s best friend. But pay attention to the signs, the swell of visitors and locals in San Diego is so great that most beaches and sidewalks are reserved for people only, until the sun goes down.