Holiday 2013 Gift Guide: Kids

We know that there are a billion different toys and electronic gadgets that kids want. In this Holiday gift guide we tried to find gifts that help kids get outside more and away from the TV or other screens. We found a couple bikes for the little ones to a zipline for the other kids. Plus Vapur has been kind enough to supply us with 4 Quenchers Anti-bottles to giveaway to 4 lucky readers. Check it out below and enter to win.

Deuter Kid Comfort III

Deuter Kid Carrier

I have now been able to use the Deuter Kid Comfort III for a couple of years. I have used this carrier on endless local hikes as well as through National Parks. I have used it in the summer and I have gone snowshoeing with it in the winter. It has made taking the kids to the outdoors a much more enjoyable experience for them and me. I have been impressed by how well it handles the weight of the kids. I have been using it with my boy since he was just over 1 and he still loves to ride in it at 3. It is rated to hold up to 48.5lbs total weight, which includes child and gear.

Bumbleride Indie Stroller Review

Bumbleride Indie Stroller

There are a few strollers I really like that fit into the all-terrain category, but the Bumbleride Indie definitely fits that category.  This little stroller can go almost anywhere without much trouble.  I’ve been on grass, dirt, concrete, rocks, even boardwalks and the ride is still smooth enough to keep your toddler sleeping.  The front wheel also locks making it a great jogging stroller.  It can also take a lot of use and even a lot of tossing around.  

BugsBalance Slackline Kit

I received this slackline for free from by submitting a picture of myself slacklining. I was really surprised when I got the email back from them saying they were going to be sending one out. When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was its size; it came in a small package. I was impressed that the whole system fit into such a small package. It is definitely small enough to throw in a pack or car and have it with you when you would like to slackline.

Christmas Gift Guide: Kids

Kids Slacking

Christmas is almost here and kids love Christmas. This guide is full of gear that will make your kid's outdoor adventures more enjoyable. Also some of these products will make your outdoor adventures with them a lot easier. I know for me and my family, anything to make getting outdoors a little easier and lot more fun, always helps.