OrthoSole Customizable Insoles

I have now had these insoles for about 5 months. I got a pair at the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show for the company to try out.

I was interested in the customizable feature of these insoles. I have worn insoles before and sometimes they just don't feel right. A week or two after the show, I tried them on in a pair of shoes. I mixed up the support pads on both feet to see if I could get a good fit. After wearing them a couple days and switching the pads around, I couldn't get it right. I took them out of the shoe and set them aside for a few weeks.

One day after a long day of work, my feet were sore and tired. I thought to myself, I need some insoles. I remembered the OrthoSole and decided to give them another shot in my steel toed work boots. I put the "light" support pads on both insoles and put them in the boot. The next day at work my feet felt great. I have now been wearing them everyday to work and love them. Steel toed boots are not my preferred choice of shoes and working on concrete and asphalt all day can wear the feet out. These insoles have made all of the difference.

I did learn a couple of things with these insoles. First, I would suggest starting on the "light" support pads then moving onto the medium then heavy if you need more support. Second, they take up a little more room in the shoe. Buy your shoes accordingly.

I would recommend these insoles to anyone looking for an insole. You can find out more information about them at http://www.orthosole.com/