Gear Review: Brooks PureGrit Trail Running Shoe

Brooks PureGrit

This shoe will not disappoint! I went on a week long summer camp to the High Uinta Mountains in Utah this past month and took these shoes, what a great test. With the amount of free time I had, I was able to do some great trail runs. Like the rest of the PureProject this shoe is comfortable and has great traction for going up and down some steep hills.

I was surprised at how much cushion and support the PureGrit has as lightweight as the shoe is. Looking into how Brooks has done this, I found out that this is achieved by what Brooks calls Brooks DNA. Right off their website you can read this, “Engineered from what's called a non-Newtonian liquid, this midsole technology responds to the amount of force placed on the foot and disperses the pressure, providing just the right amount of resiliency. Simply put, you can expect soft comfort when you want it, firm support when you need it.”

brooks_puregritbtAnother great feature of the PureGrit is the split in the front of the shoe that they call the Toe Flex. This lets you get a greater feel of the trail. They also have elastic or flexible bands that cross the top of your foot that gives you a fit that is comfortable and snug. This shoe will be a great shoe for anyone that loves a close feel to the ground. By the way Scott Jurek helped develop this shoe, which I think is a bonus. Good job Brooks

Category: Trail

Weight: 8.9 oz

Platform: Anatomical Last

Construction: Stroebel

Launch Date: October 1, 2011


- BioMoGo DNA Midsole

- IDEAL Heel

- Toe Flex

- Nav Band

- Anatomical Last

Heel-Toe Offset : 4.0 mm

• MSRP: $100


Product provided for free by the manufacturer for review purposes.