Lems Shoes Primal 2 review

 Lems Shoes Primal 2 Shoes

If you like your flip flops, you’ll want to try a pair of these shoes.  Lems has taken shoe design to a new level by designing a minimalist shoe around an actual human foot.  Other shoe companies do similar things, but instead of designing for the foot, they design for the action you are doing, such as running, biking, hiking, etc.  The first time I wore these, I was skeptical because I really love my flip flops, but I LOVED them.  When you have a good looking shoe on and you forget you are wearing shoes because they are so comfortable, you know you have a great shoe.

There are several key features that stuck out at me the first time I held the Primal 2 shoe by Lems.  First was how extremely lightweight they were for an entire shoe.  At olny 6.9 oz. they were lighter than the flip flops I was wearing.  Their design looks a bit different than other shoes because the toe box follows the shape of your foot allowing your toes to do what your toes are supposed to, spread.  The upper is made from micro suede with a very nice feel with a nice looking open-weave mesh and a moisture wicking lining that keeps your foot dry and comfortable.  They have some great simplified color schemes that will match most anything, yet have some great looks.  

Lems Shoes Primal 2 FoldedWhen wearing the shoe, I really do forget they are on my feet.  The upper is vented above the toe box so you aren’t sweating and the air moves through your toes even through socks.  It feels great in our 90 plus degree summers.  There is more shoe to them than flip flops so you have the great benefit of wearing shoes without that Closter phobic foot feeling.  The rubber on the sole is very flexible and only 8mm thick so you are close to the ground, a sole called “primitive performance” by Lems.  I thought that was a clever phrase.

Other features of the Primal 2 are the flexible nature of the sole makes them very collapsible and packable.  This is possible because the rubber is a special air-infused rubber that is ultra-lightweight.  The shoes really do give you the best “bare foot experience” on the market.  They have great grip on most surfaces and really are my go to shoe for daily wear.

Lems as a company has really stuck to their guns about being minimalist in all aspects.  They have a small carbon footprint and their Primal 2 shoe is the original vegan shoe.  Others have been produced since.  Their website is very informative if you would like to know more about how your foot works.  I was able to talk to the owners at a recent Outdoor Retailer Show and I was very impressed with how thorough they were in shoe design and their extensive knowledge about the human foot.  This is a shoe that has been produced with a lot of thought and the end result is worth every moment.  Thanks Lems for a great shoe.

MSRP: $95.00