goTenna Gear Review


The first time I heard about goTenna I was super intrigued. I do a lot of trail running and hiking in the mountains where cell service can be weak or nonexistent and having a solution for communicating while in the backcountry could be a life saver. goTenna was gracious enough to send out a test pair and I took some time to see what they could do. 

18+ Holiday Gifts for the tech savvy adventurer


Finding that perfect gift for someone that loves technology can be hard to do, so we tried to do some of the work for you. This gift guide is full of great gifts for those that think technology is king. You will find gifts that are perfect for the fitness buff to the adventure traveler and something for those in between. 

Native Wolcott Sunglasses Gear Review

Native Wolcott Sunglasses

I am amazed at how many people don’t understand what a good pair of sunglasses can do for their eyes. The Wolcott from Native is a great example of a pair of glasses that will help protect your eyes while out playing in the sun. They have a smaller frame and polarized lens which makes them great for active outdoor activities.

Father's Day 2015 Gift Guide

Maven B3

We believe all fathers should be celebrated this time of year and we have gathered 30 of our favorite new pieces of gear for 2015 that will make any dad happy. We know that you can't buy love or happiness, but you can bring a great big smile to your dad and show him some appreciation. 

Review of the Urban Armor Gear Microsoft Surface Pro 3 case

UAG Surface Pro 3 case

Probably many of you are thinking why an outdoor review site would be reviewing the UAG Microsoft Surface Pro 3 case. Well, in order to write reviews, you need a computer and I have been using the Surface Pro 3 for the past few months. The Surface Pro is a great computer but when traveling having a case is a must. UAG was gracious enough to send one out for a review and the following are the benefits and a couple shortcomings that I have noticed. 

Hydrapak SoftFlask Gear Review

Hydrapak SoftFlask

If you ever took a look inside the cabinet above my stove, the first thing you would say would be, “this guy does not need any more water bottles.” And if you said that, I would probably agree, or at least seem like I was agreeing with you. My wife on the other hand would totally agree and tells me all the time that if I bring another bottle home, I need to get rid of one. The truth is I am always looking for that next bottle that will be a game changer.