Spring 2013 Gear Guide: Climbing - Women's

Mountain Mama Harness

Finding the right gear can always be a challenge and finding gear that is designed for women and not just pink can even be more of a challenge. We hope that you are as pleased with our selection as we are. First up is a climbing harness that is made for women who want to get out on the rock while they are pregnant. You have to check it out and let us know what you think about it. 

Summer 2012 Gear Guide: Climbing

Arc'treyx Alpha Hybrid jacket

Summer is coming to an end but there are still days left to get out and climb before the crisp fall air sets in. This guide is full of climbing gear to help you maximize this season. We have gathered gear that will help you stay dry in any weather, to shoes that will get you to your next climb. Also if you would like to relive your climbing experience we even included a camera that will help with that. So look over our picks and then get out and climb.

Spring 2013 Gear Guide: Climbing - Men's

bluewater icon1

Spring is a great time to start preparing for your summer projects. It is also a great time to head to Indian Creek and Joshua Tree before the weather gets too hot. We have talked with many climbing and outdoor companies to come up with some of our favorite new climbing gear for 2013. This guide is for the men, but the women’s will be right around the corner.

Gear Review: First Ascent MicroTherm Down Hoodie

MicroTherm Down Hoodie

If you are looking for a down jacket that will keep you warm in artic temperatures, then you need to look elsewhere. But if you want a jacket that packs down small, is lightweight and is a great insulator, then the MicroTherm Down Hoodie is the jacket for you. This jacket is a lot thinner than the old puffy that you have in your closet, but don’t let that fool you. This jacket is packed with features that will help keep you warm and dry.

Fall 2012 Gear Guide: Climbing

Gregory Alpinisto 50 Pack

Fall is coming to an end but we didn't want to leave out our climbing gear guide this fall. There are a lot of great new products to help you reach new heights as well as other to help you stay at the top of your game this winter. Winter is almost here and it will be time to pull out the ice climbing gear. So browse through this guide and find you some new gear, after all Christmas is almost here as well.

Spring 2012 Gear Guide: Climbing

Patagonia Supercell Jacket

Climbing is one of our passions here at Open Air Life, so it was harder for us to narrow down the field of new climbing products. This is by far our biggest gear guide including over 20 pieces of gear to look at and crave. As we all know the weather can change at any time and spring snow or showers are always on the horizon. We have included gear to help keep you warm and dry even if the temperature drops or the rain starts. We have also included 3 new approach shoes in this guide, with the Vasque Rift having a men's and women's specific models. We hope that this guide will inspire you to get out a little earlier this spring and get climbing.