Gear Review: Snug Science Snug² - Expedition Orange

Snug Science Snug2

As a mother, and a runner, I have come across a few snags in the road when it comes to winter training.  Not only is it icy, but I can’t go out with my children because it’s too cold!  With the new Snug² there are no more excuses.  If you have a great running stroller, now you have something that keeps your little ones warmer than ever!

ERGObaby Organic Carrier

baby carrier

As a mother of two young children who loves the outdoors, I try to get out for a hike any time I can.  My husband has usually been the pack goat for our oldest son, and I have been able to pack my daughter on numerous hikes.  This past year, my daughter has grown out of her baby pack.  We tried putting her in the larger pack and letting my son hike up the mountain.  Needless to say there was a lot of complaining on that “long” 1-mile hike.