Winter Sports

Tailgate Industries NINER goggle case review

Tailgate Industries NINER goggle case

The first thing that came to mind when seeing the NINER goggle case was how simple the design was yet how practical. I think most of us know how important it is to have goggles when on the slopes or in the backcountry, and because of this protecting them is essential. The NINER case is a great solution to protecting your goggles without a lot of bulk. 

Teva Chair 5 Boots - Review

Teva Chair 5 Boots

Living in Utah has given me plenty of opportunities to test the Teva Chair 5 boots. It has been a cold winter so far here with a descent amount of snow, this is the perfect environment to be able to see just what the Chair 5 can handle. As you will be able to see in this review, Teva is more than a sandal maker and the Chair 5 is not your ordinary winter boot.

Gear Review: Columbia Ultrachange Parka

Columbia Ultrachange Parka

Who ever said that a 3 in 1 jacket needs to be bulky and heavy has never worn the Ultrachange. Columbia has combined a lightweight shell with a lightweight liner jacket to create an "ultra" versatile jacket that will keep you warm and dry in some extreme conditions.

Gear Review: Flylow Betty Down Jacket

Flylow Betty Down Jacket

You might think a down jacket is a down jacket. It is warm, but just how warm is it, and is it really comfortable? I have found that some jackets are itchy and just don’t fit right. Some down jackets make you look like a marshmallow. Others just don’t really keep you warm enough to make them worth wearing. The Flylow Betty down jacket is nothing like these.

Winter 2012/13 Gear Guide: Women's Snowboarding

Jones Snowboard Mothership

This gear guide is focused on bringing women some of the best gear in snowboarding. Whether you crave powder or the terrain park, this guide has products that will not disappoint. The best part about most of this gear is that it doesn't lose any functionality while still looking stylish. So find what you need and head to the mountains for some R&R.

Gear Review: Patagonia Nano Puff Hybrid Jacket

Patagonia Nano Puff Hybrid jacket

Using multiple types of fabrics on one garment has continued to grow among many outdoor companies. Patagonia is one of the companies benefiting from producing great pieces using this method. Patagonia has put some serious thought into this jacket. By using two types of material you get a wider range of functionality out of a given garment. The Nano Puff Hybrid Jacket is the perfect jacket for warmer winter days by itself or used as a layering piece when the temperature drops.