Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear Citilicious Coat and DOHM Beanie

Mountian Hardwear Citilicious

I was skeptical about this review.  When I saw the coat online, I wasn’t sure it was the type of coat I would really frequently wear.  Then the package showed up and I put on the coat.  I was HOOKED!  I have to say I really felt quite cute in the jacket, and boy was it warm.  I am impressed how a few more inches on a coat can really keep you just that much warmer.

The first time I wore it out, I was flooded with compliments.  I have now had the coat for just under two months and have still received at least one complement each time I wear it.  The quilted lines are very slimming and the drop bottom makes you look just a little taller. I saw a similar jacket on another woman and was impressed for the same reasons.  The colorways  for this jacket are also a noteworthy subject.  I read through the reviews of the jacket on the site and there were several mentions of the great color.  Mine is the Nebiola color, which matched everything wonderfully and isn’t too “out there’ for my taste.  If you don’t have a long jacket, it’s a great investment for the performance and the style!

There are several great features in this jacket.  The zippers pull from the top and bottom so you can just zip the middle for a warmer day, or zip the whole thing for those chilly winter nights.  The cuffs are fleece lined to keep your wrists and arms warm.  The collar has a fleece lining to help keep your neck warm, and the zipper is covered so you don’t get and chaffing.

There are a few things that I would love to see added to this jacket.  I would love to have thumb holes in the cuffs for a little bit of a hand warmer.  There have been several days that I wished I had just a little something for my hands and I go for the cuffs and they are not there.   The other thing is a little more water resistance.  The jacket is marketed for a winter sport jacket, but if you get wet, you freeze!  Make sure you don’t sit in snow, and if you are out in a downpour, it will keep you warm for a moment, but you do need to seek shelter as this jacket will not keep you warm and dry for long.

I was lucky to find this out as I was holding my 8 month old after I took a picture of him sitting in the snow.  His bottom was still wet and I set him on my arm.  After just a minute, my arm was really cold and I noticed I was soaked.  I didn’t even think about the fact that down coats are not typically very water resistant.  As for being out in a nice snowfall, the jacket is great.  Just don’t stay out too long.

I use this coat more than any of my other winter coats for the sheer comfort and warmth.  I have to say it is nice to get a compliment here and there too.  Overall I think that Mountain Hardwear has created a great out and about jacket, but I wouldn’t wear it skiing or snowshoeing or even out in extra cold temperatures. You can check it out on their site here:'s-Citilicious%E2%84%A2-Coat/OL4145,default,pd.html


As an aside, I was able to try out a DOHM beanie and received it close to the same time I got the jacket.  It was a perfect color match (I have the Pattern One Berry) and I have LOVED wearing them together out and about.  The DOHM Beanie has been a very comfortable beanie with a lot of warmth. I have long hair and have worn it with a ponytail and without and it fits great with both.  I am typically skeptical of a one size fits all beanie but this one worked great for me.   This is a very classy looking beanie made from 100% virgin wool.  It has a recycled polar fleece headband liner and is a DOHM classic.  Check it out at Mountain

Product provided for free by the manufacturer for review purposes.

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