Tailgate Industries NINER goggle case review

Tailgate Industries NINER goggle case

The first thing that came to mind when seeing the NINER goggle case was how simple the design was yet how practical. I think most of us know how important it is to have goggles when on the slopes or in the backcountry, and because of this protecting them is essential. The NINER case is a great solution to protecting your goggles without a lot of bulk. 

Unlike other goggle cases on the market the NINER blends a soft and hard case into one. The NINER case uses a piece of recycled plastic to create a rigid front to protect the lens and to help give the case some structure and uses fabric flaps to secure the goggles in the case. The inside of the case is fleece-lined to prevent scratching. 

niner goggle case open

I have found the case to be extremely easy to use as you simply place your goggles inside one pocket or flap and then pull the other flap over and secure it closed. Sounds extremely simple doesn't it. I think that is the true beauty of the whole thing. Not everything has to be overly complicated to work well and the NINER case proves that point.

NINER goggle case back

There are times when you just want to shove your goggles in a pack or bag and not have to worry about them getting crush or broken. The NINER goggle case is for such an occasion. It might not be as solid as some hard cases on the market but it definitely will protect your goggles better than any other soft cases. Another nice benefit to this case, is when you are wearing your goggles it stores flat. To learn more about this case and to pick one up for yourself, head to Tailgate Industries' website. http://www.tlg8.com/products/

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