Gear Review: ECCO BIOM HIKE 1.2


I know that people always tell you to break in a pair of boots before going on a hike, but I am usually not good to listen to this advice. In my opinion you can tell a lot about a boot the first day out. A hiking boot should be more than just supportive, it should be comfortable as well. The BIOM Hike 1.2 from ECCO shoes is just that.

BIOM HIKE is the newest addition to ECCO’s innovative BIOM performance range. ECCO provides a broad offering of Natural Motion performance shoes from hiking to on-road running to off-road exploring. “This boot uses Natural Motion technology to provide the most flexible, natural support to bring you closer to nature.” BIOM HIKE provides unique flexibility in the foot to work with your muscles and drive improved performance. Also this boot is positioned low to the ground and is more streamlined than the traditional hiking boot.

ecco biomhikeThe first thing I noticed about this boot was how high the boot was. This is great for more ankle support as well as keeping debris and other things out of the boot. The out sole is a rubber developed by ECCO and has great traction. I will say the first time out I felt like the rubber was softer than other outsoles, and was a little worried about that. But I haven’t seen or felt like the sole broke down or wore out prematurely. During one outing I did find myself in the middle of batches of goat head thorns. When I got back to the car I was pulling them out of the sole. But I figure that the softer sole is necessary for the natural movement feel.

The GoreTex lining kept my foot dry and happy this fall during testing. Again having that high boot is great when going through mud and slush to keep it out and the foot dry. The lacing system is easy to use and adjust to get a good fit. One great feature that doesn't get talked about is the Cambrelle insole. Cambrelle transports moisture away from the foot, storing it until the feet is removed. “Cambrelle is so efficient at moisture management that it is fully capable of absorbing three-and-a-half times its own weight in moisture keeping the foot cooler, drier, and more comfortable.” That is a powerful claim that the makers of Cambrelle make but I was impressed at how dry and comfortable my foot was.

The first time I wore these boots I put them on at 8 in the morning and didn't take them off until 11 that night. I was surprised by how comfortable these boots were and that I didn't get blisters or even hot spots. Multiple times I wore these boots for over 10 hours with the same results. Nobody's feet are the same but for me, these boots were great. I think it is worth your time to take a look at these boots as well as many others that ECCO has created over the last couple years. I think you will be impressed by what you see.


• A natural motion hiking and exploring boot

• Uppers made of performance textiles

• Gore-Tex lining

• 3-layer sandwich inlay sole made of Cambrelle, foam and felt

• Anatomically fitted last and direct-injection PU technology

• Rugged rubber outsole designed for superior outdoor performance

• Excellent grip, traction and durability in tough mountain terrain

• Super lightweight and sporty outdoor look

• MSRP: $225.00,default,pd.html?dwvar_811504_color=52570&dwvar_811504_size=40#cgid=sport-men