Gear Review: Westcomb Crest Hoody

Westcomb Crest Hoody

I have had the opportunity to test the Westcomb Crest Hoody for a few months now and have been impressed. For me, here in Utah, this is a great three season jacket that will keep you on the move when the weather turns a little chilly. And you should never have to sacrifice leaving it home because it only weighs 5 oz. and packs down to the size of a softball.

westcomb crest4The Crest Hoody is made of Pertex Equilibrium which is a lightweight fabric that is soft to the touch and has some stretch. This stretch is great to allow for greater mobility. The fabric is also tough and durable for it weight. I never felt like I had to be careful when hiking through brush as with other lightweight jackets that I own.

Another great property of this jacket is its ability to wick moisture away for the body. This is done by combining two different yarns with different properties to carry the moisture away from the skin to the outside of the material where it evaporates. This is great when you start to sweat to help reduce the muggy feel. But it doesn't just let moisture escape, it also keeps it out. This jacket is not waterproof but it is extremely water and wind resistant. I was pleased as water beaded up on this jacket when caught in the rain.

The one downside to this jacket would be the lack of pockets. It does come with one chest pocket that you can shove some personal items in. For me I do miss being able to put my hands in my pockets when wearing it as a more casual jacket. But when riding or hiking it is not an issue as I rarely put my hands in my pockets during these activities.

westcomb crest3

This jacket has been great for early morning runs and evenings around the camp fire. It pack down small enough that it is no big deal to bring it along so I can have a jacket just in case. Just this past weekend, I tossed this jacket into my pack as it might rain while we went hiking into the Wasatch Mountains. Lucky for us we got down out of the mountains before the rain hit but we did have stop for gas and the store in the downpour. I was happy to have the Crest Hoody. This was some of the hardest rain that I have seen in Utah and this jacket beaded and shed the rain perfectly. I didn't see how long it would last for, but for the few minutes that I was out in the rain, the jacket was definitely winning the battle.

Verdict: The Westcomb Crest Hoody is a perfect three-season jacket. The stretch material is comfortable, wind-resistant, and breathable and repels water better than some cheap shells. Also at only 5 oz. it is light enough and packable to take along on most hikes. If you are looking for a jacket that is full of pockets this is probably not the jacket for you. But anyone looking for a solid just-in-case jacket will find this jacket to be a great choice at a great price.

Product provided for free by the manufacturer for review purposes.