The Sierra by Overland Equipment

Sierra Shoulder Bag

I have recently had the pleasure of using one of Overland Equipment Shoulder Bags called the Sierra. I have been using this bag as a diaper bag for my three children and it really fits the bill! The Sierra is “a generous size tote, built to organize all your essentials in the front, and all the extra things you need to carry to enjoy your day.” There are several noteworthy features of this tote that I would like to mention.

The first is the shoulder strap, or might I say straps. There are two adjustable shoulder straps, which makes carrying this tote so easy. I have been able to put the straps easily on my strollers, I can open my bag and get something out without taking it off my shoulder, and I can adjust them easily to whatever length I need. Great feature!

Other great features are the roomy pockets on the sides and the rear of the tote. I have been able to store drinks for two kids in one side, with my drink in the other. I have even put some toys there for easy access. The organizing pouch in the front has been amazing! I can put my camera in the padded pocket and hang my keys in another. There are zipper pockets for the “first aid kit” that all moms have to have, and it’s really easy to get into! The last great feature is the roomy middle! It has a zipper pocket inside to help you organize whatever you have in the tote, and more room than you can even imagine to bring whatever your heart desires, wherever you may go.

The only down side to this tote is that it is so roomy that it may not be worth carrying when you don’t have a lot to bring, but for a mom with three kids, or the traveler who takes it all, this is the tote for you!!

Check it out for a fabulous Christmas present, at only $85.00, it’s a real steal! Follow this link to order right away!