Gear Review: Q Knot Pro

Q Knot Pro Ties

I was very curious to what the Q Knot Pro could do when I received the package of them from the company. When I first saw the design and applications for the Q knot I was intrigued. The Q Knots are a multi-purpose reusable ties that are a great solution to keeping cords or other itemed bundled and secure.

The Q Knot Pro series are different than the original Q Knot in that they have triangular teeth to give the ties a greater holding power. The ties are stretchable and flexible which enables them to fit around different sized objects. They are easy to use because of the “smart” self-locking design. All you have to do is wrap the tie around the cords, ropes, or whatever needs bundling and put the end through the hole on the tie and pull it tight. It is really that simple.

The ties have held great and can be used for many things as they show on their website. The one down side for me is the size. I would love to see them come in even longer lengths. But the three sizes do cover a vast amount of things. These ties would work great when attaching items to the outside of a pack or keeping like items stored until you can get outside to play again.


  • Reusable rubber ties.
  • Smart self-locking design.
  • Easy release and retie.
  • Stretchable and flexible.
  • Triangular gripping “teeth”.
  • MSRP: Set of 25 $9.50

Product provided for free by the manufacturer for review purposes.