Gear Review: Hydro Flask 18 oz Wide Mouth Bottle

Hydro Flask Wide Moutn Bottle

Hydro Flask, an award winning bottle for a reason! Just recently Hydro Flask received the Best of Bend Award for the quality product they produce.  This award program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country and its primary focus is on quality.  After testing several Hydro Flask products, we at Open Air Life congratulate Hydro Flask on this well-deserved award!  Their newest venture, a wide mouthed insulated bottle is yet another success in our eyes as well.

We put the wide mouth bottle to the test against several other water bottles and tested it for durability and insulation.  We even tested it against the original Hydro Flask and it passed with flying colors.  As a mother of three children who are always running, and always thirsty, I love to have a couple flask’s full of ice cold water, one for me and one for each of the children, then a back-up in the car.  With the array of bottle types that Hydro Flask now offers, this is very possible.  It’s the best when you can look forward to an ice cold drink in the middle of a HOT day, or after a good long run.

There are several great advantages to the new wide mouth bottle design.  You can fit any ice cube into the bottle with ease and sometimes it’s nice to get one of those ice cubes, still in the bottle after several hours in the hot sun, and rub it on your face.  What a great cool down!  Hydro Flask has also included a grip around the ring of the wide mouth lid for an easier time unscrewing and drinking.

As for durability, the bottle withstood several falls and held up great!  We have small children who helped with the unintentional durability tests we ran the bottle through and unfortunately it does get a little dented or scraped, but what do you expect when a stainless bottle hits concrete.  My only small complaint (and when I say small, I mean small) is that the bottle itself is hard to hold on to when you are trying to unscrew the lids.  This is the case with all the bottles.  I would love to see some sort of grip added to these otherwise beautiful looking bottles.

Overall, I would say, if you drink water on the go, or like your coffee hot all morning, get a Hydro Flask!  You will LOVE IT!

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