Gear Review: Stormy Kromer Petal Pusher Hat

Stormy Kromer Petal Pusher Hat

So you wonder, what a person says about a hat.  Usually there is not much to say but it looks nice, or it is comfortable.  This hat is a different story.  This review will blow your hat off, but not mine. This cap is completely original and hand stitched in the USA!

One of my favorite things about a company is their back story.  Let me tell you the story about the Stormy Kromer hat.  Found just inside the hat, we read “George “Stormy” Kromer, a semi pro baseball player and railroad engineer, got tired of losing his hat to the winter wind.  So he asked his wife Ida to sew some flaps on an old baseball cap to keep it snug, it worked so well that 100 years later it is still legendary for comfort and fit.” As we hear on the children’s movie Robots “See a need, fill a need.”

I enjoyed this story and just had to try a hat out for myself.  The great thing about the hats, 100 years later, is the new color ways and flair they have added to update the look.  Still the same great hat, but it looks very stylish and is crazy comfortable.  I got to try the adorable new petal pusher cap.

In 1903, the baseball cap looked a little different.  At first glance, the hats seemed like the old railroad hats you used to see in the movies.  The hats are making a huge come back in modern trends and Stormy Kromer has quite the niche.  Their hats are constructed using six separate panels for a better fit on your head (or noggin as they say) and you can really feel the difference.  They have also used the best materials, 100% Merino Wool or 80/20 brushed wool/nylon with 100% cotton lining that is beautiful. My hat fits snug and is very warm and comfortable.

stormykromer_petal1The “flaps” they mentioned that Ida sewed on to “Stormy’s” hat weren’t really flaps but more of a band that went around the hat to keep it snug in the wind.  When the wind is blowing and your ears are cold, you just simply pull the band down over your ears and it keeps them warm and your hat stays put.  As this hat was designed to stay put in the wind, and not really to keep your ears warm, it’s a great bonus, but in frigid temperatures you will want more to cover your ears, though I have heard there are other Stormy Kromer hats that will do a better job keeping your ears warm too.

This hat is a beautiful replacement for the old fashioned “beanie.”  It’s a great piece to wear when you are going out and you don’t really want to look like you are going skiing.  The petal pusher is called “petal” pusher because of the darling flower they have added as a great accent to the hat.  The band around the hat is adjustable to make your hat nice and snug in the wind.  The flower is located on the adjustment string.  I noticed the flower is removable as well so if you don’t like it, or you are one of those crafty people who want to accent your hat with you own style, go right ahead.

I have worn this hat out several times.  It is a very warm hat so it is great for the fall and winter months here in Salt Lake City.  I was excited to wear this had the moment I received it.  It just happened that I was going out and it was incredibly windy for Utah weather.  (Maybe it was just so I could test this hat.) Through the evening, the hat performed wonderfully and I received several compliments.  I am usually not a hat person, but when you are going out in the cold, it’s great to have a cute hat that functions the way you want.  I would purchase this hat in a heartbeat, and would recommend you do the same.  As they at Stormy Kromer say “Wear one and you’ll know what we mean.”

MSRP: $39.99


Product provided for free by the manufacturer for review purposes.