Gear Review: Royal Robbins Cruiser Jeans and Highland Pullover

Royal Robbins Cruiser Jeans

When I reach for a good pair of pants, I look for these jeans.  Because of their great style and the incredible comfort, I want to wear them everywhere.  The cruiser Jean was designed with “superior T-400® polyester that has great stretch, resists wrinkles, manages moisture well, and provides long life.”  I have tested each of these theories and each holds very true.

Having great stretch is a fabulous feature on any jean.  These jeans are great because you can do almost anything in them.  I have three children and I am constantly on the floor, climbing around a playground, or just running after them.  These jeans don’t restrict any of my movement and I don’t find myself adjusting them while I am wearing them.  The jeans you can forget you are wearing are the best, and these are them.

RR-HighlandOne of my least favorite things to do is laundry.  Even after it is done, I hate to admit, my clean clothes stay in a basket most of the time.  I don’t really enjoy ironing either, but sometimes it’s a must.  With these jeans, no way!  I took them out of the basket, looking terrible.  I shook them out and put them on and the wrinkles were gone, my kind of pants!

Royal Robbins has a great reputation for making clothing that actually fits women.  Your look is complete when you put the Cruiser Jeans with the Royal Robbins Highland pullover, a great lightweight sweater that is ultra-soft and ultra-comfortable.  This sweater is surprisingly warm and very versatile.  The sleeves button up when you want a ¾ length sleeve for those warmer fall days.   With the boat neck, this sweater is very stylish and very useful.

This great outfit and every other piece of clothing I have had the privilege of wearing have lived up to the great Royal Robbins reputation, great clothing for a great price.  If you are looking for great comfort, styles, and performance, look for Royal Robbins.  They’ve got the clothing for you! 


Product provided for free by the manufacturer for review purposes.