Gear Review: Lycan Sunglasses by Switch Eyewear

Lycan Sunglasses


Switch Eyewear might not be the biggest name in the eyewear industry but they are sure making their mark with some great pairs of sunglasses. The Lycan glasses are a great glass for everyday use but they can do so much more. With its full wrap and wide temple design these glasses offer great protection from the sun and wind.

One thing that really sets Switch Eyewear apart from the rest of the eyewear industry is their patented magnetic interchange lens technology. “Switch”-ing lenses couldn't be easier. The magnets are engineered to stay in place while doing all your favorite outdoor activities. But the lenses pop out easily when wanting to change them for different activities or lighting situations.

The Lycan sunglasses come with two sets of lenses: a set of polarized lenses that are great for bright light or anytime you are around water and a set of rose amber lenses that are great for low light situations. Also each pair come with lens pods to keep your lenses scratch free. You will be amazed by how strong and sturdy the frames feel as well.

Now if you want to try out some sweet glasses, these shades will not fail you. I have used these glasses both in outdoor sports as well as an everyday sunglass. These glasses have a very thick bold look and fell. I love them and the unique magnetic lenses are great if you want to change lenses fast. Also the magnetic lenses make these glasses easy to clean. If you have not yet seen these sun glasses, check them out, you'll not be disappointed.

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Product provided for free by the manufacturer for review purposes.