Fitmark Dashing Tote Review

Fitmark Dashing Tote

Fitmark is a company that takes looking good to a new level.  Started by someone who walked into a gym of full people who look good, surrounded by bags that just didn’t, CEO Mark A. Samuel decided to make a change.  He created Fitmark bags, a bag that will go with you to the gym and everywhere else, with great function and even better fashion.  I had the pleasure of reviewing the Fitmark Dashing Tote and I was nothing but satisfied.

As a mother of three, and an athlete on the side, I need a bag that is highly functional, but looks like I’ve got some fashion sense.  The Dashing Tote is just that bag.  I have gone through several bags this size, low budget to high end and have not had as much success as I have with this bag.  There are several great features, starting with the never ending compliments on the looks.  Fitmark has designed this particular bag with great soft leather handles that make the bag look refined, while the bag itself is made from great endurance fabric that can really take a beating.

Fitmark Dashing Tote openedThis tote has two main compartments and also comes with a separate bag for shoes and laundry after a workout.  The separate bag contains anti-microbial protection so your bag won’t stink when you leave your dirty laundry in there while you are at work (or at the store in my case).  The tote also has a place for your water bottle inside the bag.  This is a very useful tool for your own water, or great for a mother with children who need food and drink it seems like all the time.  There are great compartments for everything you need as a mother, and as an athlete, and there is still another great compartment for more of the things you need every day.

Not only are there two main compartments that both zip closed, but there are also two other compartments to carry your wallet, keys, phone, and anything else you might need to get to, quickly.  One side has a magnetic clasp for quick access and is quite deep so you can get to your phone and a camera in my case in a hurry.  The other zips closed to keep your valuables safe with great organizational pockets for your mp3 player (if anyone still uses those like me) a pen and another zip close pocket for anything else.  There is a clip for your keys if you are good to hang them there.

I have used this bag exclusively from the moment it came to my door and I wouldn’t trade it for another.  Just today I got a compliment about the great look of my bag and my friend also noted the obvious functionality that she saw was very useful.   It can seem like a Mary Poppins bag, but with the comfortable leather shoulder straps, it never feels like one.  It is pleasant to tote around and because of the design, it is easy to find things.

Just to note, as I was looking at the color options for this bag, I thought that the pink was cute but would get really dirty easily, but I was wrong.  I have the pink bag and have used it in pretty rough conditions and, unless you set it next to a new one, you would not think it was dirty at all.  Overall a great bag with high recommendations.

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