Hydrapak SoftFlask Gear Review

Hydrapak SoftFlask

If you ever took a look inside the cabinet above my stove, the first thing you would say would be, “this guy does not need any more water bottles.” And if you said that, I would probably agree, or at least seem like I was agreeing with you. My wife on the other hand would totally agree and tells me all the time that if I bring another bottle home, I need to get rid of one. The truth is I am always looking for that next bottle that will be a game changer.

Hydrapak SoftFlaskI have recently started to run again and as I first started I would never take water along with me. I have always believed that if I was running for less than 30 minutes, I didn’t need to take water. But now that I am running for over an hour at a time and sometimes longer, I have decided that water is a must along the way. So I started to look for different options that were available on the market. 

I saw a lot of different options for running from belts to hand-held bottle carriers. When I was trying to make up my mind on which option to go with, I remembered that I had received a SoftFlask. I pulled it out and thought maybe I should give this a try. The next day I went out for an 8 mile run with the SoftFlask in hand. It worked great!

Because the SoftFlasks are soft and pliable the bottle felt good in the hand as I carried it. As I would drink the bottle would shrink and get smaller in my hand. And because it collapses while you drink, it eliminates the water from sloshing around inside the bottle. 

Hydrapak Softflask bite ValveThe bite valve on the SoftFlask is pretty awesome as well. It has a twist locking mechanism to completely stop the ability to get the water out. This comes in handy when tossing this bottle inside a bag while hiking. But it also has a soft silicone bite valve that also keeps the water in until you bite on it. I have really come to love this bite valve for keeping the water in when not using it but giving you plenty of water when you do. 

The SoftFlask come with a finger loop attachment that works okay but I did a modification to the 500ml SoftFlask for running. I added a couple pieces of webbing to create a secure hand strap. You can see in the picture below my simple contraption.  I think this is one accessory that Hydrapak could create that would definitely add a lot to the bottle for me. 

Hydrapak SoftFlask Strap

Comparing this to other hand held water bottle systems there are a few differences that I noticed. First there is not the ability to carry a phone or other small items in a pouch as it does not have a pouch. Also this bottle is not insulated so it is not going to keep your drink cold for a long period of time. I mention those two items so you could be aware of them but the SoftFlask was not just designed for running. I have just found it to be quite good at it.

I have truly found this bottle to be a game changer for me. I tried multiple times to carry a bottle running but never stuck with it because it wasn’t comfortable or convenient. Now if you see me running on a Saturday, most likely you will see the SoftFlask in my hand. I have spent most of this review talking about how great this bottle is for running but it excels for a hiking, backpacking or most any other activity that you need a water bottle for. It has definitely become my go-to bottle for most active activities. 


• Collapsible for easy use, storage, and transport

• Molded top and bottom provides 3 dimensional shape and lashing options

• Constructed with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) for strength and flexibility

• RF welded to create superior bonds at a molecular level

• 42 mm wide screw cap for easy filling and cleaning

• Twist on/off for valve for “on demand” use and secure “no-leak” transport

• High flow rate from soft silicone bite valve

• Dust Cover

• Finger Loop Attachment

• Sizes from: 150ml-750ml

• MSRP: $12.99-$20.99