Review of the Urban Armor Gear Microsoft Surface Pro 3 case

UAG Surface Pro 3 case

Probably many of you are thinking why an outdoor review site would be reviewing the UAG Microsoft Surface Pro 3 case. Well, in order to write reviews, you need a computer and I have been using the Surface Pro 3 for the past few months. The Surface Pro is a great computer but when traveling having a case is a must. UAG was gracious enough to send one out for a review and the following are the benefits and a couple shortcomings that I have noticed. 

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 case is the perfect case for those that travel and need a little more protection for their Surface Pro 3. This rugged case meets military grade drop standards while not being this oversized heavy case. One thing that UAG prides themselves on is the ability to have a case that is durable but also aesthetically appealing. And in my mind this case is just that. 

UAG Surface Pro 3 caseOne of my favorite things about this case is how it fits. The case is snug on the Surface Pro, but more than that, all corners are rubber. Also, this rubber goes around all edges of the screen protecting the edges from dents and dings. I would call it 360 degrees of protection but it doesn’t slip over the bottom edge of the screen. This is by design so that the Microsoft Type Cover keyboard can stay on when in this case. 

One thing that I have noticed on other cases that I have used for mobile devices is the size of cut-outs for plugs or audio jacks. Most I think are too small and it can be hard to push my headphones into the jack of the device. UAG must have known about that and designed this case accordingly. Each port opening has plenty of room to plug in whatever is needed. Also, the case has cutouts for the fans, helping the Surface breath and stay cool. 

The case has oversized buttons for the volume and power. It also has an aluminum kickstand that has 5 positions. This kickstand works great and with the 5 positions you can usually find one that will work for the angle that you need. This kickstand is needed as the case covers the kickstand that comes with the Surface, making it unusable while in the case. 

UAG Surface Pro 3 case

After using this case for a few months now, I have only found a few shortcomings to it. One of the biggest ones for me was that the case was not capable with the docking station. When at the office, I always dock the Surface so I can have dual monitors. So I have to take the Surface out of the case and then dock it. For me, this could be a deal breaker if I wanted the case on all the time. But, I really wanted it for traveling and so it is not that big of a problem to take this case off when I am going to be in the office. Also, if you will never be docking the Surface Pro 3, this will not be a problem for you.

Another limitation with the case on is the ability to access the MicroSD card. Again not a big deal for me as I put the card in and have not taking it out since. But, for some this might be an issue if you plan on taking the microSD card in and out. 

Overall, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 case is a great case. The few shortcomings are truly outweighed by all the benefits. The ability to use the Type Cover keyboard with the case is a big advantage. Also, anyone that has seen my case has always complimented it. If you are in need of a case for your Surface Pro 3, I recommend checking out this case. As a side note the new docking station for the Surface Pro 4 has a different design and I would assume the case will be able to be left on when using it. 


• Compatible with Microsoft Type Cover keyboard

• Feather-light composite construction

• Impact resistant soft core

• Oversized tactile buttons

• Air vents to keep things cool

• Water resistant grip material

• Easy access to touch screen and ports

• Un-compromised audio and video

• Aluminum kick-stand with 5 angular positions

• Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) when used with Microsoft Type Cover keyboard

• MSRP: $69.95