Native Wolcott Sunglasses Gear Review

Native Wolcott Sunglasses

I am amazed at how many people don’t understand what a good pair of sunglasses can do for their eyes. The Wolcott from Native is a great example of a pair of glasses that will help protect your eyes while out playing in the sun. They have a smaller frame and polarized lens which makes them great for active outdoor activities.

I am always on the lookout for that next perfect set of sunglasses. Over the last few years I have come to love a few different styles and brands, and I started to think why. I think for me it boiled down to two things. First, polarized lenses. And second, finding a pair of sunglasses that I can wear while playing hard, but also wear out at night and not looks like an extreme sports nut. 

Native Wolcott Sunglasses

If you have never put on a pair of glasses with a high quality polarized lens, I recommend doing so and seeing the difference for yourself. The Wolcott comes in a few different color of frames and a few different lenses. I was lucky enough to review the Desert Tort with a brown lens. One nice thing with the Wolcott is the value that you get with these glasses. 

Each pair comes with two sets of lenses, which makes it nice when conditions are constantly changing throughout the day. Also, having interchangeable lenses makes it nice so if you scratch a lens you can just replace it, instead of the whole pair of glasses. The best part is you can get a pair from between $130-$150.

Native Wolcott Sunglasses

I found the Wolcotts to be light and durable. I was able to toss them in their case and then in my bag and not worry about them. I wore them on trail runs and found the tighter fit helped them stay on my head. The nose pads made this glasses comfortable to wear.

After wearing the glasses for a few hours, I did find that behind my ears were a little sore. I am guessing this was because of the tight fit, but that might be something to consider if you have a bigger head. They say these glasses have a small to medium fit. 

Overall, I have loved these glasses. Lately on most business trips that I have taken, these are the glasses that I have packed along. They are great for trail runs or hikes after work and work great during the day while driving. If you have a bigger head, you might want to look for a different style as these will be a bit snug. But if not, these might be your next favorite pair of sunglasses.


N3 Lens Technology

SportFlex Lens Kit Included

Co-Injected Rhyno-Tuff Air Frames

Cam-Action Hinges

Mastoid Temple Grip

Optic Gear Kit

Interchangeable Lens System

MSRP: $129