Cablz Eyewear Retention

The manufacturer of Cablz calls them "the next generation" in eyewear retention. I came across these retainers at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. There I had a chance to talk with the owners about their products. They were nice enough to give me a sample to test out. They put them on my glasses, and I haven't taken them off. They are so lightweight you don't even feel them on. As you can see in the picture below, the retainer doesn't even rest on your neck when wearing the glasses. Some of the benefits listed by the manufater of the Cablz:

• Stays off your neck
• Does not get hot or sweaty
• Does not get heavy from being wet
• Never has bad odor
• Allows full range of motion
• Does not catch on clothing

I have personally been impressed with this product. The only down side to this product that I have came acrossed, is when driving a car the Cablz hit the head rest. This seems to push up on the glasses. But this in my opinion is a small thing compared to all the benefits.

cablz in use