Gear Review: Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 2 Camp

Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 2 Camp Tent

The first time I saw a picture of the Wyoming Trail 2 Camp I was very intrigued. The design thought that went into this tent was definitely by someone who loves to camp but always runs out of room. If you run out of room in this 2 person tent then you will need to re-evaluate what you take camping. You might just have to leave home the bathroom vanity. But I am sure you can still bring the kitchen sink.

bigagnes wyomingtrail21The Wyoming Trail 2 Camp is like most tents, in that it has the main tent part and a rain fly. The cabin part of this tent is roomy enough for 2 people at 31 square feet. It is made of a mesh or screen material that offers great breathability. But for me the true uniqueness of this tent comes with it vestibule. I love that Big Agnes calls it a garage like vestibule, because that is a perfect description. The vestibule is an enormous 45 sq. ft. You are probably saying to yourself "the vestibule is 14 sq ft bigger than the tent." If so, you would be right. There is easily enough room to keep coolers, bikes, backpacks, boots and anything else you brought camping dry and protected.

bigagnes wyomingtrail22The setup of the Wyoming Trail 2 Camp is quick and easy. I can easily set it up by myself, but as with most tents it is always nice to have an extra set of hands. There are 2 aluminum poles sets. The main poles form a big x when put together to create the structure for the vestibule and tent. The two ends of the poles are color coded for quicker set up. You just match the orange pole ends with the orange webbing and grommets and you are set. Simple and intuitive. The second pole set is designed to add structure to the main tent. Once the poles are in place you can simply clip the tent to the poles. The rain fly slides over the poles and is secured by buckles. You can then stake out the tent and rain fly. Another great feature of this tent that I do not think gets touted enough is the other small vestibule on the back side and another entry point to the tent. So if you have the front loaded to the gills with bikes and other items you can enter and exit the tent from the rear.

Just weighing over 9 lbs this tent is not the lightest of your backpacking tents. But you can shave off just over a pound by just using the rain fly and footprint. This will turn this two person tent into a 5 person if you wanted. But you will lose all your storage space that way. So you might not want to shove 5 people into this tent.

bigagnes wyomingtrail25

The rain fly has two vents that can be propped open to let the air circulate. Also the guy lines are great for securing the wind when the winds pick up. They are also reflective, which is great when moving around at night so you do not trip over them and break your arm. 

I have now used the tent on a number of occasions and it has worked flawlessly. Having a big area to be able to sit and play games, let the kid run around or cook and prepare food is great. Not only does this big vestibule area work well for when it is raining, it is also nice when the sun is shining. Plus if you love taken your dog up camping with you but prefer her to sleep outside of the tent the vestibule is plenty big to keep your dog or dogs for that matter, dry and comfortable. Also having the sleeping bags and other personal items inside the tent part helps keep them clean and away from muddy boots and paws.

bigagnes wyomingtrail23

For me the biggest downside to this tent would be the weight. At 9 lbs this is a little heavy for an ultralight backpacking trip. But if you are planning on a lot of rain and know that you will be spending some time in the tent, this is definitely worth the weight. I love this tent for car camping. The weight is definitely not a deal breaker if you are someone who is looking for extra room in a two person tent.

Verdict: I do not know of many tents on the market that offer as much vestibule space as you will find in the Wyoming Trail 2 Camp tent. This tent is ideal for use in base camp to give you plenty of room to store and keep your gear and toys dry and protected. At $350 this tent isn't the cheapest of the 2-person tents that we tested. Also the tent might be a little heavier than other 2 person tents but the amount of extra room in this tent is cannot be matched. If room is what you are looking for this, is definitely a tent that you will want to check out.

Product provided for free by the manufacturer for review purposes.