Gear Review: Klymit’s Inertia XL

Inertia XL

The Inertia XL is a light and comfortable sleeping pad that packs down small. This is not the first sleeping pad that I have reviewed from Klymit, but it is the most comfortable. I will be upfront that I loved the Inertia X-Frame or this pad’s “little brother” for its size and weight. That said the Inertia XL is a great option for those who want just a little more comfort and can sacrifice a little weight.

A couple of the downsides to the Inertia X-Frame have been fixed in the Inertia XL. First it is bigger. One of the problems that I came across was the width of the Inertia X-Frame. I had lots of people lay down on the Inertia X-Frame, from family, friends and those I went camping with. The one comment that was consistent among many of them was that it was just a little too skinny. The Inertia XL is 8 inches wider and 6 inches longer than the Inertia X-Frame. This makes it a more desirable pad for taller and bigger people as well as people that move around a lot in their sleep.

The Inertia XL was also built using advance body mapping which offers great support. Below are a couple videos from Klymit explaining the body mapping technology.



It has the same loft pockets as the Inertia X-Frame, but not as many. I believe this will provide better warmth in colder conditions, especially when adding argon gas to the pad. Another feature is the integrated pillow in the pad to support your head.

One downside to this pad is that it is not self-inflating. This is not that big of a problem as it only takes a few big breaths to filll it up. One nice feature though is the hand pump. The pad can then be topped off with the hand pump to zero in the comfort level that you desire.

klymit XL

One thing to watch out for is leaving the hand pump in the Inertia XL after inflating. Twice I had the pad go flat on me in the middle of the night and both times I had left the pump in the inflate port. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it but both times I pumped it back up and pulled the pump and slept the rest of the night soundly and inflated.

The Inertia XL is only 17.8 ounces with the hand air pump. This makes it almost 8 ounces heavier than the Inertia X-Frame but provides the extras that many are looking for. The Inertia XL is also only about the size of a 20 ounce soda bottle when rolled up. Here it is pictured next to the Jetboil camp stove. That’s not taking up much room in the pack. If warmth and comfort is important to you and you can sacrifice a little weight and room the Inertia XL is the way to go. This is now my go to pad for camping and backpacking. (But I don’t cut the handle off my toothbrush either. But they just introduced a pad designed for those who do. The Inertia X-Lite.)



  • 16.8 ounces alone (lightest weight pad in its category)
  • 17.8 ounces with dry air pump


  • Inflated: 78 inches long, 26 inches wide


  • Advanced Body Mapping with universal coverage
  • Lot Pockets
  • Adjustable pressure comfort
  • Super durable fabrics: 75 D polyester
  • 4 – 6 breaths to inflate
  • Color: Honeycomb Embossed Black


You can also read my full review of the Inertia X-Frame here. It was a great pad for anyone who needs something light yet comfortable.