Spring Car Camping 2015 Gear Guide

Eureka Jade Tent

Car camping is a great way to start the camping season. With spring showers and cooler temperatures, having the bring a few luxury items can make spring camping ore enjoyable. In this guide we have found some of our favorite pieces of gear to 2015 and a couple other from past years. But we are certain you will be able to find that piece of equipment to make your next camping trip great. 

Eureka! Jade Canyon Tent

The Jade Canyon tent series is a three-season cabin-style steel and aluminum-framed tent with vertical walls to maximize interior livability. The hybrid pole construction consisting of vertical steel legs and aluminum roof poles reduces total frame weight yet enhances the tent’s strength and stability. Available in 4- and 6-person models, the Jade Canyon is Eureka’s premium car camping tent featuring durable floors and 1800mm coatings on the protective fly and sidewalls. The Jade Canyon also incorporates Eureka!’s E!luminate System, removable reflective ceiling panels that reflect the light from a hanging LED lantern back towards the floor, increasing floor-level lighting brightness by up to three times. It also includes the Eureka! Media Center, a three-pocket gear hammock with a touch-screen friendly clear center sleeve suspended off the floor for watching video on tablets and other small electronic devices from the comfort of a sleeping bag.

• Jade Canyon 4: Dimensions: 8’ x 8’; Weight: 18 lbs, 1 oz.; MSRP: $299.90 

• Jade Canyon 6: Dimensions: 10’ x 10’; Weight: 22 lbs., 7 oz.; MSRP: $359.90 


• Buy Now: http://www.backcountry.com/eureka-jade-canyon-6-tent-6-person-3-season

LL Bean King Pine 4

L.L.Bean King Pine 4-Person Tent 

Spring camping can mean more time inside the tent waiting for a spring storm to pass. The King Pine 4 Person tent is a great solution for just those occasions. This tent comes with its own screen room, allowing you to enjoy some fresh air even when the rain is coming down. But when the weather really turns bad, solid, waterproof panels can be closed to keep the screen room dry. The main room has a durable floor and offers plenty of ventilation. The tent ceiling is 6’1”, offering comfortable standing room for a lot of people. 


• Redesigned with a three-peak design that increases head and shoulder space

• Large attached screen room lets you enjoy the fresh air without the bugs

• Sturdy, waterproof construction keeps you and your family dry

• Floor dimensions  8'5" x 7'6".

• Tent area  63 sq. ft.

• Peak height  6'1".

• Screen room area  35.8 sq. ft.

• Packed size  13"H x 9"W x 31"L.

• Minimum weight  22 lb. 14 oz.

• MSRP: $449.00


Peregrine Guide 2 Sleeping Bag

Peregrine Guide 20 Sleeping Bag

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean every night is going to be warm. For those cool spring nights the Peregrine Guide 20 has you covered. This bag is built with top quality materials, insulation and features for long lasting use. Ripstop nylon shell is DWR treated to keep moisture out and trap warmth inside. A soft nylon liner will keep you comfortable in a wide range of conditions. Continuous fiber Perefill® is durable, compressible and stays warm in extreme environments.


• Articulated foot box 

• Neck baffle

• Zipper baffle

• Hood baffle 

• Comfort Rating: 20° F

• Carry Weight: Regular 3 lbs. 13 oz. (1300g) Long 3 lbs. 6 oz. (1540g)

• Size: Regular 86"x 32"x 20", Long 92.5" x 34" x 22"

• Shell: 30D 360T Micro Ripstop Nylon - DWR Treated

• Liner: 30D 360T Smooth Weave Nylon

• Zipper: Large #10 YKK

• MSRP: $89.95


Selk Bag Marvel Spider Man Bag

Selk’bag Marvel Collection

Selk’bag has been around since 2006 and they are responsible for melding the functionality of a sleeping bag into a wearable silhouette. Their newest collection of Marvel wearable bags allows you to fall asleep as Spiderman, Iron Man, The Hulk or Captain America and have a night full of heroic dreams. Removable booties allow you to wear your own shoes or keep them on for warm sleeping. This bag is perfect for spring and summer camping, as well as fun around the home. Four sizes to fit most individual from 4’6” up to 6’4”. Their goal here was really to give camping a huge shot in the arm…camping is supposed to be fun so why not make it really fun!


• Booties are reinforced with durable nylon outsoles to wear outdoors

• Velcro pullbacks allow you to roll up your sleeves for carefree use of your hand

• A soft polyester shell with DWR (durable water resistant) finish is both comfortable and water-resistant

• Dual front-entry zippers make for easy entry and exit

• The insulated hood adds warmth and comfort

• A thermal collar around the neck prevents drafts down the back

• Draft tubes prevent heat loss around the zippers

• Wide zipper tape prevents snags when opening or closing

• Temp Rating: 45°F

• Carry Weight: 3.1 lbs (S); 3.5 lbs (M); 3.9lbs (L); 4.4lbs (XL)

• MSRP: $149.99 


• Buy Now: http://www.backcountry.com/selkbag-usa-inc.-marvel-adult-sleeping-bag

Eureka Silver Canyon Pad

Silver Canyon Dualis sleeping pad

This multi-chamber sleeping pad combines the cushioning and warmth of a self-inflating pad with the comfort and compactability of an air tube mattress. The top chamber is comprised of open cell PU foam, like a self-inflating pad. The bottom chamber is a separate interconnected air tube pad. Each chamber has its own valve for independent inflation and control. As an added bonus it comes with snaps so you can connect two or more pads together to create a bigger pad. It is 78” x 25” x 4.25” for the large and 30” wide for the X-Large. Also it weighs in at 5 lbs. for the large and 6 lbs. for the X-Large.

• MSRP: $149.90 & $179.90

• Buy Now: http://www.rei.com/product/881386/eureka-silver-canyon-dualis-sleeping-pad

Coleman propane stove

Coleman HyperFlame FyreChampion 2-Burner Propane Stove

Boil water twice as fast as before with Coleman's new HyperFlame technology—a wind-blocking pan support gives you a larger burner diameter for wider heat distribution, while a stair stepping burner design reduces wind exposure. Featured on eight new stoves for 2015, HyperFlame's FyreChampion is the top-of-the-line in the rugged category, featuring abrasion-resistant bumpers, a large, easy-to-grasp handle, and, best of all, removable griddle tops.

• MSRP: $179.99


Zodi 12 volt shower

Zodi 12-Volt Shower 

For many people one downside to camping is that there is not shower or the ability to get clean. Zodi has solved this solution. The new portable 12 Volt shower provides great water flows for a comfortable shower using any 12 Volt power. Simply place pump in any water source and connect the 12 Volt plug to the car or any convenient 12 Volt power supply. Now you can get clean after a day of playing in the mountains. If you are looking for a hot check out Zodi’s Portable Hot Showers.


• 8 ft. Long hose with showerhead

• Pump with debris screen VOLT PLUG WITH FUSE

• Extra-long power cable with 12 volt plug with fuse

• Easy to use with any water source

• Removable debris cap on pump for easy cleaning

• MSRP: $59.95


 Katedyn water filter

Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L

One of the luxuries when car camping is the ability to bring water along sometimes. But when that isn’t possible having a filtration system is a must to get fresh drinking water. The Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L is a gravity filtration system that make getting safe drinking water a breeze. Simply fill the reservoir with water and let gravity do the rest. The Ultra Flow filter element has the ability to filters  up to 2 liters per minute, so you can reliably filter bacteria, cysts and sediment. A cleanable filter protector lengthens the lifetime of the element so it can clean up to 1,500 liters of water.

• MSRP: $99.95


• Buy Now: http://www.rei.com/product/872130/katadyn-base-camp-pro-10l-water-filter

LL Bean Camp Chair

L.L.Bean Camp Comfort Arm Chair

Another one of the luxuries that you can have when car camping is a comfortable chair. The L.L. Bean Camp Comfort Arm Chair is the perfect chair when staying up late around the campfire talking with good friend. The sturdy steel frame will stand up to years of use and the 600-denier polyester seat has a breathable nylon mesh center to keep you cool. It folds down and has its own carry bag for convenience. 


• Side organizer with cup holder

• Folds small for storage; carry bag included

• Seat height: 19.3"

• Capacity: 300 lb.

• Weight: 12 lb. 2 oz.

• MSRP: $69.95


Mountainsmith Modular hauler 3

Mountainsmith Modular Hauler 3 

The Modular Hauler 3 isn’t new for 2015, but we love it. We have been using this system for years now. It is a great way to keep gear and clothing organized. With the color coded cubes you can have separate bag for each person in the group so you don’t have to dig through a bunch of bags looking for your stuff. The Hauler makes it easy to take the system from car to tent in one trip and all together for the car ride.  A few key features are the reinforced carry handles, panel stitching for flat packing for storage, side panel haul handles, compression strap to keep equipment secure, and tie down loops to keep the hauler secure in your vehicle.


• Open main packing compartment with 3 Basic Cubes

• Foam padding for free-standing access

• Reinforced carry handles

• Panel stitching allows for flat packing for storage

• Side panel haul handles

• Compression strap to keep equipment secure

• Tie down loops to keep the hauler secure in your vehicle

• MSRP: $89.95


• Buy Now: http://www.backcountry.com/mountainsmith-modular-hauler-system

Wyoming Whiskey

Wyoming Whiskey

While this is not what some might call a traditional outdoor product, no good campfire is complete without a good drink. Wyoming Whiskey is the perfect companion to sip on while you are out camping. The company founded and operated by 4th generation Wyoming cattle ranchers, Wyoming Whiskey offers traditional bourbon from an un-traditional place.  It is made using classic bourbon distilling methods with ingredients sourced exclusively from the Big Horn Basin in central Wyoming. Hand-selected corn, wheat and barley are all grown locally in Kirby, Byron, Thermopolis and Riverton.  Water for the recipe is sourced from a mile-deep, limestone aquifer that hasn’t seen the light of day in over 6,000 years.  

• MSRP: Varies by state and store (usually between $40-$50)



Toasted or Roasted game

Toasted or Roasted Game

A long-standing camping tradition, toasting marshmallows over the fire is a relaxing way to end the day. Another long-standing camping tradition for many is playing games. Now, Education Outdoors has combined these to traditions into a family game that you will surely enjoy. In this game you must be the first to toast your marshmallow to a golden brown by flipping the correct cards in order. But there is always the chance for your opponent to put an end to your perfect fire by turning over a rain, wind or roasted card. Roasting marshmallows will never be the same. 

• MSRP: $14.00 


• Buy Now: http://www.cabelas.com/product/TOASTED-OR-ROASTED/1852139.uts


Bison Airlighter

Bison Airlighter

The Airlighter is unlike any other fire lighter that we have seen. The Airlighter jets a 4-inch flame to instantly ignite charcoal and wood. The super-heated 2,600 degree flame can overcome wind and rain to light fuel with ease.  Once kindling is ignited the flame can be turned off and a built-in, cool air fan will deliver powerful airflow to quickly spread flames throughout the fuel pile stocking the fire to high heat for the fastest cold to cook time. The LED flashlight on the front of the device improves visibility for lighting fires at night. The storage hook on the underside of the Airlighter can even be used as a bottle opener, solving yet another common grilling dilemma. It greatly reducing the amount of fuel needed to get you going.

• MSRP: $79.95


UST Wetfire Tinder

WetFire Tinder, 12 Pack

You never know what kind of weather you will come across in the spring and having the ability to start a fire can be a life saver. WetFire Tinder is a universal lighting material that is safe, lightweight, and easy to carry. Guaranteed to light in windy or wet conditions and only requires a small amount of tinder to build a fire. This is definitely a must have for those venturing into the mountains. 


• Extinguishes instantly

• Cubed-tinders are individually packed to maintain freshness

• Will burn longer when wet or moist

• Great for use in combination with any UST sparking device

• 5-year shelf life

• Size HxWxD: .75” x .75” x .5” (19 x 19 x 13mm)

• Weight (per cube): 0.16 oz. (4.5g)

• MSRP: $9.99


• Buy Now: http://www.backcountry.com/ultimate-survival-technologies-wetfire-tinder

Ben's Insect Repellant

Ben's 30 Pump Insect Repellant

Ben's 30 Tick & Insect Repellent offers protection from ticks and insects that may carry West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, Malaria, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and other infectious diseases. Providing up to 8 hours of effective protection, Ben's 30's unique formula is made to evaporate slowly - so repellent stays on longer with little absorption into the skin. The TSA approved 3.4oz travel size allows you to bring the maximum amount of Ben's 30 insect repellent with you wherever you fly. 


• Handy Pump Spray

• 30% DEET is the minimum % recommended to guard against diseases transmitted by insects.

• Water-based formula stays on skin's surface rather than being absorbed.

• Fragrance Free lets you smell the great outdoors, not your repellent.

• MSRP: $5.99


• Buy Now: http://www.rei.com/product/868585/bens-bens-insect-repellent-30-percent-deet-34-fl-oz

Pura Naturals Sponge

Pura Naturals Soap-Infused Sponge

For new and veteran campers alike, Pura Naturals offers a great cleansing and equipment cleaning product. This California-based company has harnessed the capabilities of BeBetterFoam™, an innovation first created to clean up the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf, to offer adventure-seekers an effective, earth-friendly item to meet all their cleaning needs on the trail, mountain or lake. Pura Naturals produces personal care cleansing sponges and kitchen sponges that feature patented absorbing technology that expertly lifts grease and grime like a magnet, while repelling water. So after they rid your body of dirt and your cooking materials of grease, with one quick squeeze they dry instantly and can be tossed into your gear without fear of mold, odor or bacteria build up. 

• MSRP: $8.99