Sierra Designs Cochise 30 Sleeping Bag

I was excited when I received this bag in the mail and couldn't wait to get out and test it. Testing bags can be an interesting experience, especially if you are going to be camping when it might be colder than the rating of the bag. Lucky for me this trip was in August and I knew that the temperature was not going to get below 30 degrees. The first night went great. The bag is very comfortable because of the Flex technology.  This technology lets the bag stretch and flex, which in turn allows you to move around more freely in the bag while maintaining the bags thermal efficiency. If mummy bags are a little too tight for you usually, this is a bag that you should try. Another great feature on this bag is the sleeping Pad Locks. These are straps that hold your pad under you for a goodnights rest.

The one thing that I was not planning on in this trip was the rain. In Utah it doesn't usually rain all that hard, but the weekend I went had some of the biggest raindrops that I have seen in Utah, along with some hail. I was not too worried about the rain at first. I had a tent and was not planning on sleeping underneath the stars. But later I did learn that the tent I was using was not waterproof. As I crawled into bed that night I found my bag wet from puddles inside the tent. The bag was not sopping wet, but it had wet spots all over the bag. I was a little concerned because the nighttime temperature was going to be low and a wet bag is usually not a good way to stay warm. But instead of freezing, I was toasty warm in the bag all night. In the morning I found out that I was one of the lucky ones in my group that was warm all night long. Sierra Design claims that the Climashield XP, a continuous-filament insulation will retains its stranglehold on the cold even when it's wet. It was put through that test that night and I can say that it does.

I was very pleased to have taking this bag on that trip. It could have been a miserable camping trip with other bags I own. I have used this bag in other conditions and have been pleased every time. I would recommend this bag to anyone looking for a mummy bag at a reasonable price.


  • Climashield® XP continuous filament insulation keeps you warm and comfortable even when wet.
  • Flex Technology allows the bag to flex and stretch.
  • Pad Locks keeps your sleeping pad and bag together.
  • Chest pocket keeps small items close.
  • Full-length draft tube to keep the heat in.
  • Pillow pocket.
  • Price - US MSRP: $139.00 (Regular)


  • Weight - Regular 3 lbs 1 oz.