BugsBalance Slackline Kit

I received this slackline for free from BugsBalance.com by submitting a picture of myself slacklining. I was really surprised when I got the email back from them saying they were going to be sending one out. When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was its size; it came in a small package. I was impressed that the whole system fit into such a small package. It is definitely small enough to throw in a pack or car and have it with you when you would like to slackline.

This set up is quick and simple to use. Read the instructions or go to their website to see them setting it up. I had it up and I was slacking in a minutes. It comes with some extra wide webbing for a little more protection around anchors.

Although the packaged size was great, I would prefer a longer line. This was a downside for me, but I still love the fact that I can just throw it in my car and slackline almost anywhere. The other thing that beginer slackliners need to remember is that a new line needs some breaking in. It's a downside when you are excitd to get right on the line a have some fun, but a small price to pay. After a few trips across the line, an adjustment, another few trips, and a few more adjustments, you are good to go.

All in all I think this kit is pretty sweet. It is easy to set up and super portable. These two features outweigh any of the downsides. I would recommend this kit to any beginner looking to get into slacking. Or if you would like a kit to keep in the car, I think this is the perfect kit for you.



  • 10m long, 25mm wide webbing with attachment loop
  • 1,5m long, 25mm wide webbing with attachment loop and rubber handle ratchet
  • 2pcs. protection tubing for rough surfaces
  • 1pcs. Nylon stuff bag
Check them out at http://bugsbalance.com/