2016 Holiday Gift Guide Travel and Commuting Edition

Zootility WildCard

Finding that perfect gift for the adventure traveler in your life can be hard to do. We have gathered some of our favorite pieces of gear that will make any traveler feel like they are on Santa's good list. Just remember when looking for others, you might just find something you want as well.

STM Linear Medium Laptop Shoulder Bag Review

STM Linear Laptop Shoulder Bag

I am always on the search for a great commuter bag. Getting my stuff back and forth from work with ease is important. I have now owned and tested several bags designed for commuting and there are things to love about each of them. I will be focusing on the STM Linear Medium Laptop Shoulder Bag in this article. This bag has proven to me over and over that it was designed to handle the daily abuse of commuting. We are also giving away a STM Arvo iPhone 5 case to one lucky reader, check it out below the review.

GSI Outdoors Commuter Java Press Gear Review

GSI Outdoors Commuter Java Press

My initial impression of the GSI Outdoors Commuter Java Press, or shall I say French press was great, visually appealing and I loved the color, nice dark blue nylon exterior wrap with a simple and soft touch. It's a perfect size. Not too big and not too small. I hate going through all of the trouble to make a killer coffee only to do it again so quickly afterwards. Anything close to a typical large coffee is ideal and this hits the spot.

Summer 2013 Gear Guide: Commuting

Raleigh Tripper Bike

Commuting is a great way to get in shape and get outdoors for a bit before heading indoors for 8 hours. But for some the thought of commuting can be overwhelming. I have found that over the years starting slow is the best method. But equally important is having the right gear. We have gathered some new products that should help your commute. Also we are giving away a new Polar Bottle Halftone Insulated Ergo water bottles that will help keep your water cooler longer. Check below for the details.

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: For Cyclists & Commuters

SealLine Urban Shoulder Bag

This gift guide is full of gifts that any commuter or cyclist would love to get. We have included bags, bike and lights to make riding a bike safer and more enjoyable. We made the conscience effort to include a wide price range so everyone could find that perfect gift for the cyclist in their life. 

Gear Review: Henty Wingman

Henty Wingman

There are many reasons that riding your bike to work is a great idea. Bike commuting is a great way to get some exercise first thing in the morning as well as a great way to do your part for the environment. But many people have to wear a suit or at the very least cannot wear their spandex and jerseys around at the office. The Henty Wingman is the perfect solution to get your suit or clothes from home to work without looking like you just pulled them out of a stuff sack.